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Ham on sale at Trader Joe's

At Trader Joe's today we found spiral sliced ham on sale at $1/lb! The salesclerk told us that they had a huge overstock, and since the pull date is coming up in May or June, they're trying to move them out.

I don't know if the sale is available at all Trader Joe's in the Bay Area, but it's worth checking out!

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    1. re: bigwheel042

      I was at the San Jose store on Coleman. I got the impression from the clerk that it was a warehouse overstocking, so it seems plausible that all TJ stores in the Bay Area will have it.

      1. re: Karen_Schaffer

        San Francisco on Masonic has them also. Bought a 8-ponder to try this week.

    2. TJ's at El Cerrito had that same sale about 2 months ago. I got a small, 4 pounder, and ate ham sandwiches for days until I could eat no more. Good they were but I needed more than 1 eater.

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      1. re: wolfe

        I believe it's all stores. Alameda has them, but only until we move the excess.

        1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

          Thanks, BWS! I ran into the Alameda TJ's after work and picked up a couple. I would have missed them if I hadn't been looking for them: they're in a stand alone chest cooler at the end of the row of meat and produce coolers closest to the entrance.

        2. Rockridge has them,in two different colored foil wraps.

          I think they were the same product...but one was bigger than the other.

          1. Are these additive-free or "organic"? I'm assuming not.

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            1. re: MargotB

              Doesn't all ham have additives? Without them, wouldn't it just be pork?

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I meant additives such as MSG, nitrites, nitrates, and sulfites.

                1. re: MargotB

                  One of the sites I saw had a picture and at least that one was labelled uncured, maple syrup glazed.

              2. re: MargotB

                FULLY COOKED FLAME GLAZED: Spiral Sliced, Uncured, Nirtrate free
                GLAZED with: Sugar, Honey, Spices.

                Ingredients: Ham, Water, Honey, sea salt, sodium lactate, evap cane juice, spices, natural flavoring, sodium diacetate.

                This is what El Cerrito has..gold foil wrap and all the ones I saw expired in June. there may be other sizes but these are all 1/2 either shank or butt.

                1. re: cakebaker

                  i picked up one of these in Walnut Creek last week but there were only 3. May have been more in back I'd call before to check on stock.

                  1. re: cakebaker

                    Nitrate free I understand, but "uncured ham"? That's a perfect example of an oxymoron. Better than "jumbo shrimp", at any rate. And are sodium lactate and sodium diacetate better for you than sodium nitrate?

                2. At the Emeryville store this morning they rounded down my 4.87 pound ham to 4 even. So -- $4.00 instead of nearly $20. There were quite a few left.

                  1. So how does everyone plan to eat this bounty of ham?

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                    1. re: urseberry

                      Well, I'm sharing them with my two unemployed housemates. And I'm going to divide one up into smaller quantities and freeze it. The funny thing was, I was already craving ham and almost bought one Monday, so the timing was excellent.

                      Last night I made some mac and cheese (Alton Brown stovetop recipe) and threw in some ham. I used a slightly aged gouda for the cheese and it was delicious!

                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                          How do these things freeze? Is it better to pull apart and freeze the slices individually or better to freeze the whole thing?

                          p.s. thanks for the tip...will have to go look for one. Might be a very nice for a picnic.

                      1. Mom and I bought a half-ham at SF's Northpoint store this morning. There were about a dozen whole hams and about five or so half-hams. Here's what the label looks like.

                        1. The Ham is nothing to write home about.

                          Its worth the $1lb. but its no Honeybaked or Cure 81.

                          Fine for sandwiches and Ham and eggs.

                          Has a nice bone for Split pea soup.

                          Quality is not there for Sunday Dinners or Guests.

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                          1. re: Mission

                            Got a half ham last night at the Rockridge store. Concur with "Mission" -- great deal for $1, but lacking full flavor (no smokiness) -- sweetness gets tiresome.

                          2. I was disappointed in the last Honey Baked Ham I got, so this year I tried Trader Joe's Flame Glazed spiral cut ham. It was awful! There was too much glaze between the slices which made it overly sweet and slimy. Next year I'm going to try Costco's ham. I'm trying to find a decent ham that isn't as expensive as Honey Baked, but Trader Joe's is definitely not the answer.

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                            1. re: ancwisdom

                              Hmm. They were handing out samples of the Flame Glazed a week ago, so I tasted it, and thought it was as good or better than Honeybaked.

                              So I bought one a few days ago, and although it was OK, it didn't taste much like the sample I had tried previously. It had a kind of acidic flavor, as if it had been glazed with apple juice. No candy crust like HB, unless it had melted (which does happen with HB). It was good enough not to return, but I'm not sure I would buy it again.

                              1. re: Steve Green

                                I bought one of those hams a while back. As I recall there was a specific way to do the glazing and it looked like a hassle and I ignored it. I thought it was okay as you mention. I think if I followed the directions it might have been better.

                                1. re: ML8000

                                  I wonder if there are a couple of different kinds. The one I got looked just like the one pictured in Melanie's post upthread. There were no instructions for glazing.