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May 10, 2010 08:50 PM

June 7 - 13 = bargain week in Paris

As a special promotion, not a few restaurants throughout France are offering discounted dining to usher in summer: 20.10€ lunch, 35€ dinner. I know, these don't sound like bargain basement prices, but when you read the list you will see that most charge much more. Check it out and decide for yourself. You can access the Paris list as well as others from here.

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  1. I'm not going to be in France that week, so I suppose it really doesn't make any difference, but I found that site incredibly hard to navigate. and never did find any place where there is a LIST of restaurants that are participating in any part of France.

    How did you find them?

    1. I agree with ChefJune - it's a tricky website. When you click on the button to reserve a restaurant online, it asks for your personal information and subscribes you to a newsletter, then sends you an email with.. get this... the restaurant's phone number so that you can call.

      With the exception of Gaya, Spoon and La Table de Joel Robuchon, the most interesting participating restaurants (le Bistrot Paul Bert, Aux Lyonnais, Au Petit Marguery, l'Assiette) already have menus at or below the restaurant week price, so there's really no advantage to booking during June 7-13.

      It could be more interesting next year if they would fix their website and consider offering the €20.11 price at dinner instead of only at lunch.

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        Last night we participated in Tous au Restaurant at Mori Venice Bar. For 35 euros the no-choice menu included an amuse of courgette soup w/ lamb meatball which was cute but kinda bland, followed by a decent entree of mixed antipasti (mashed potato croquette, sliced prosciutto over roquette, and sauteed shrimp. The main course was a risotto of chicken and spring veggies, which was snooze-worthy as was the nutty semifreddo for dessert. The food was not bad at all, just hella boring. For a 35 euros 3-course dinner I realize that at Mori Venice Bar this is a deal, but for me it still was not worth it. I agree with Meg that in the future the restaurant week prices could be lower AND I'd add that the participating restaurants could consider adding a bit of love or creativity into their menu. I'd be curious to here if any others participated or if I was the only dingbat who fell for it.