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May 10, 2010 07:22 PM

Fabrica by Mcewen

Drove by the shops at Don Mills this weekend and noticed a big sign for Fabrica by mcewen. Does anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. I heard McEwan was opening an Italian restaurant, so maybe that's it.

    75 The Donway W, Toronto, ON M3C, CA

      1. OK, some places call it Fabbrica, some say Sabbrica. ????

        Apparently, the name is the Italian word for "fabricate", so I'm thinking it's Fabbrica.

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        1. re: Full tummy

          Fabbrica is correct.

          It was incorrectly referred to as "Sabbrica" in an article last year on the Toronto Life food blog, and the wrong name appeared in several other places after that.

          1. re: gregclow

            Isn't it more likely that he's referencing Fabbrica Curone rather than a factory? I know Kagemusha may feel the latter more likely, but...

            1. re: Googs

              I'm not sensing a deep communion with the Piedmont from ol' McEwan, Googs. Nary a pizza in sight in those parts...If anything, he's realized the Libretto guys down on Ossington are selling carloads of pizza. Why not Don Mills, sez he. What's next? Upscale burritos?

        2. That's clever of McEwan. He can sell his high end leftovers across the street!

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          1. re: Kagemusha

            I don't get it. I thought he was losing his shirt at McEwans. I hardly ever see much activity at the cash registers (and his prices for common items sold elsewhere are always higher).

            Maybe there is more activity than we think in that mall and the restaurant will do well, but it baffles me.

            75 The Donway W, Toronto, ON M3C, CA

            1. re: Flexitarian

              The food store provisions the resto which sells overflow to the store--sound business model. The overhead and leaseholds must be flattening him relative to sales. Suspect the ambiance--and prices-- won't exactly be "Napoli back alley." This guy needs to innovate and ditch the high rent ghetto location if he's to survive, much less thrive in the current market.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                With respect to the grocery, I've never seen it that busy myself, though only been in a few times.

                But....the whispers I hear are that its actually doing quite well, and that a second, downtown location is forthcoming, likely on King W.

                1. re: Northern Light

                  The rumours of a downtown location started pretty much as soon as the Don Mills location opened, if not before. Pretty sure I read a quote from McEwan about it in one of the several puff pieces about the shop that were posted to the Toronto Life blog.

                  Anyway, even if the rumours are true, he may have missed his chance to make a splash on King West due to Alimento opening at King & Brant this summer.

                  75 The Donway W, Toronto, ON M3C, CA

                  1. re: gregclow

                    Watched McEwan talk about this place in show "The Heat" today. Looks interesting but I hope its not another "The One" all fluff and no substance. Does anyone know the opening date?

                    1. re: elvisahmed

                      "The Heat" seems no more than a regularly-scheduled infomercial for the mighty McEwan Empire---or am I missing something? Still think he's bent on doing upmarket/uptown pizza(yawn).

                      1. re: Kagemusha

                        "upmarket/uptown pizza(yawn)."

                        aka safe, uninspired, and even if tasty, very overpriced...

                        1. re: tuttebene

                          I read (see link) that he sent his chef to train at Keste, a pizza place in New York. We recently ate there and it was fabulous. If Fabbrica serves pizza close to as good as Keste, I'll definitely swing by.


                          1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                            Already reported on "The Heat" infomercial. More good pizza joints in NYC than elsewhere on the planet. Mark seems intent on reinventing the wheel--pizza seems the logical progression from his upscale Mac's Milk in Don Mills.

                            1. re: Kagemusha

                              Is The Heat even on anymore? Haven't seen it on the tube recently.

                  2. re: Northern Light

                    I work across the street from McEwans, I believe that it is doing more than okay and is probably tied with Jack Astors for popularity in that plaza. It's getting harder to beet the crowds to the sushi counter and they offer better coffee than Starbucks at a better price, also they are way friendlier than the Tim Hortons on the corner (don't go there, it's horrible). My dog enjoys the all natural dog treats and my family enjoys the fish counter and specialty cheeses. Not someplace to shop everyday, but the quality of what you get is worth the extra money.

                    Jack Astor's
                    1090 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C3R6, CA

                    1. re: Sabena

                      I have to disagree on the cheeses. You can get the same or better at Alex for 50% less. Many of McEwan's cheeses head north of $100/kg. Ridiculous.

            2. The original comment has been removed