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May 10, 2010 07:14 PM

What a find! 2nd printing of Old Mr. Boston Guide

Was at Rodney's in Cambridge - they are closing, everything is 50% off and found a 1935 copy of this in excellent condition for only $11! Anyone know about the brand Old Mr. Boston for liquors? there are a bunch of recipes and some ads in the middle of the book for Old Mr. Boston products. Would Brizard Apry be close in theory to the OMB apricot perhaps?

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  1. Mr. Boston spirits are still around, although they're usually found on the bottom shelves.

    I'm guessing that Brizard's Apry would not only be close but make a better drink than the Mr. Boston version. Not sure how many of their recipes are originals, but the vast majority of recipes in the book are just taken from elsewhere and used to promote their products.

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      I guess that's why I never noticed the products! Didn't even know they were still made, I thought the original factory was closed down many years ago. Thanks!

      1. re: kayowinter

        The original distillery was on 1010 Mass Ave in S. Boston from 1933 to 1986 or 87. The building is still there, but is city offices now. The brand and recipes were bought and have been made elsewhere since 1995 (Barton's bought them so it might be made in New York state). I am guessing that the product is on the same level as Dekuypers, Kappy's, or Leroux.

        The Mr. Boston guides are still being printed with new editions, including a special holiday edition that came out last fall. They're kind of interesting to collect as you can get a decent understanding of what drinks came into and fell out of favor through out the decades. Not the best source of recipes in my opinion (in terms of most accurate or authentic recipes), but good to have around.

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          Mr. Yarm, have you looked through the latest editions of Mr. Boston? Totally edited, rewritten, and recipe tested by Jim Meehan of PDT, and with recipes from the top 100+ bartenders/mixologists? You know many of the folks whose recipes are in there.

          1. re: JMF

            I have not. I was also curious about their Holiday edition that Meehan also played a role in. I'll see if prices have dropped on Amazon.