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May 10, 2010 07:00 PM

Questions about Silk Road BBQ in Belmont

Anybody know when they reopen (or if they already have)? Web site just says Spring 2010.
Are they always in the same place, or do they move around and alert people via twitter or some other method?

Any food recommendations?

Silk Road BBQ
Rowes Wharf Plaza, Boston, MA 02110

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  1. I don't know how the people who run this truck plan on staying in business. I tried finding them last year and they were never at the Trapelo Rd. location. They don't answer the phone and they is no information when you call.

    Wouldn't May 10th be considered spring? Still no update on their website and phone number is useless. Cronicle had a re-run highlighting them last week. You'd think that would be motivation to get some information available. I actually tried to find them again this weekend to no avail.

    No set location, no set hours, no info available on their website = I'm not interested any more.

    There are plenty of great places I'd like to try. My father would have had a saying, "Fool and their potential customers are soon parted." I'm moving on.....

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    1. re: bearzie

      Food was great. Really great. But the inconsistency of hours and locations was really, really annoying. Perhaps if I participated in twitter I would know where they would be and when, but quite frankly, I can't be bothered. I think they would have done much better with a consistent location.... I would be happy to drive by and stop in if they were there, but I am not going to hunt them down across multiple locations just to find that they are not around that day. The website was always accurate, but there is something wrong with having to check a website before grabbing some street food.

    2. I just got on their mailing list. They haven't reopened yet. I'll update when they do (or someone else will, I'm sure). Last year I usually found them in the parking lot near Waverley Square -- not sure if they're planning on the same location this year.

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      1. re: Pia

        Just got this email:

        At long last, we open today on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Right in front of Rowes Wharf, next to the ocean, near the spray fountains and down from the carousel. The Greenway is a spectacular park in the heart of the most beautiful city in America.

        And of course our "shashleek" rocks (try the jerk chicken - the Jamaicans, and EK, are weeping with joy).

        Please forward this notice to a friend ...

        Happy 4th of July!

      2. A similar question was just asked on a general Belmont discussion group (not CH). The owner said they are searching for a new location because the old one (across from the movie theater on Trapelo Road) was sold.

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        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          Apologies to the '09 misses, we were market-testing venues and times. Admittedly, checking online for availability is a consumer behavior that's not for everyone. For the record, our vision is not to be a "mobile truck," but to be a permanent venue in a ***viable*** neighborhood (hence, last year's testing). In '10, it's all coming down to permitting, and it does us no good to declare our plans before the permittors grant permits. To our fans, thanks for '09, and thanks for your patience. To those who we disappointed, again we apologize. Perhaps you'll give us another chance. The food and the friendly staff may win you over.

          1. re: edcornelia

            Thanks for your reply, ed. Here's a vote for Belmont... with the hot weather the last few days I was thinking about your food and wishing you were around.

        2. Looks like they are going to set up on the greenway, near rowes wharf, they are also clovers, going bananas, Anadales, bean town franks.