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May 10, 2010 06:40 PM

New Filipino restaurant, Payag, comes to Woodside (51-34 Roosevelt Ave)

Just noticed today that the awning on a new restaurant has finally gone up revealing that this will be a Filipino restaurant named Payag "Filipino Cuisine by Rena Abendula"

There is another sign that indicates that this will be both a bar and restaurant. That should hopefully bring some nightlife into the area, hopefully the peaceful type.

The location will be at 51-34 Roosevelt Ave steps away from the 52nd St. stop on the 7 train.

Sorry but I do not know much more than this. It looks like it could be open in a matter of weeks provided they have their licenses in order.

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  1. I think it is a Filipino restaurant too. Looks like it is looking great everyday. Love those furniture and the interior looks inviting and cozy. Let's check the food soon. This is something worth checking out. The bar also looks big.

    1. Payag is a Filipino Restaurant... and will have the grand opening on 11th of July 2010.

      51-34 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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      1. re: shine1101

        based on their website, looks like they were scheduled to open today

        I'll stop by on my way home from work

      2. They are finally open. It's a pretty large space. They were handing out menus out front.

        Options seem somewhat limited
        3 apps - $8-$9
        3 salads - $7-$9
        2 soups - $8-$10
        6 main courses - $8-$14

        I'll try to check them out this week. No liquor, beer or wine yet. Not sure about delivery.