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May 10, 2010 06:29 PM

Truffles that have no taste? The mushroom, I mean.

I dropped $60 on a small jar of whole truffles from Provence. I cooked pasta and shaved the truffles over the pasta with a microplaner. But they had no flavor!! WTF! Where did I go wrong?They just tasted like dirt. Where was the wonderful aroma like I experienced in truffle oil?

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  1. Bottled (eg, canned / cooked) truffles aren't worth the paper they taste of.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Truffle oil doesn't really taste like fresh truffles, and the jarred stuff is crap. If you want the real deal, you need to buy fresh, and it's going to cost you a helluva lot more than $60. Also, don't bother with the inferior Oregon truffles -- they have almost no taste.

        1. Seven Hells- I guess I may be doomed then.

          1. Yeah sixty dollars for a jar of "white (most likely summer) truffles" really hurts when you get home and taste nothing. Well I wouldn't throw them out. Truffle salt is usually a nice and typically very aromatic alternative. Save the canned stuff for garnish. A really nice look in some white truffle risotto. Just be sure not to season your rice heavily at the beginning so you can finish with a nice amount of the truffle salt.