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May 10, 2010 05:44 PM

One day in Conroe, Texas and where should I go

I will be there for one day. Flying to Houston, driving there, and flying back. When I get my lunch break, where is the best place to eat. Perhaps Mexican or bbq since I am in Texas but any place is fine with me? There must be something good besides interstate chains right? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  1. Hi Mikey :)

    Just tagging along to see the responses. I don't make it to Conroe often but would love to easily find the responses you receive.

    Between IAH and Conroe, you will pass through The Woodlands area. How much time will you have for your lunch break or does it need to be Conroe specific?

    1. You will have a lot more options in The Woodlands if you have the time. Both Conroe and TW are also discussed on the new Houston board since they're really part of the Houston area.

      One place I've heard about is Pie in the Sky for sandwiches, salads, pie. They've opened a second location in Houston but I haven't made it to either.

      If you have the time, there's a very highly regarded French restaurant in Humble, Chez Nous.

      1. Both earlier respondents are spot on: The Woodlands has many more options. Given that it's a far suburb of Houston, there are chains-a-plenty. Can't think of any barbecue worth eating up there. For Mexican, you could do a lot worse than Lupe Tortillas. They have pretty great fajitas and everything else stinks.

        For other options besides the stereotypical mex and bbq, how about Tesar's or Jasper's in The Woodlands? Chez Rouz is right on Lake Conroe and is one of the best (and most expensive) restaurants in Texas. For something more low key, Vernon's Kuntry Kitchen has awesome fried catfish.

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          I agree about Lupe Tortillas, I like the fajitas. There is also Cafe Adobe and I like their fajitas also. Their margaritas are so delicious!!!

          1. re: texasredtop

            That sounds good. I have to spend the whole day in Conroe and my guess is that we wil get about an hour or two for lunch. I am not sure if I could drive to the Woodlands and then get back in time. Too bad. Looks like I am stuck right in Conroe. Looks Like Lupe Toritllas sounds like the best route.