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May 10, 2010 05:34 PM

how long can you marinate salmon in citrus??

I am planning to marinate salmon in leftover pico de gallo juice, so copious amounts of lime are in the liquid...I usually marinate things overnight but have heard that if you marinate fish too long in citrus it will cure, or cook, the fish. How long can I marinate it for while still making sure to impart bold flavor?

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  1. What are your plans after marinating the salmon? If you plan to grill it or saute I would only marinate it for 15 minutes or even less. The fish becomes ceviche in just a short time, a couple hours at most.

    1. Depending on the type of salmon (King, Chinook, etc.), the cut (fillet, steak, etc.) and the size and thickness, I would say anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, and definitely no more than 2 hours tops.

      Based on your circumstance -- e.g. leftover pico de gallo juice -- my vote goes for 1 hour.

      1. Thank you! I will report back on the results after dinner tonight.