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What is the best waffle mix?

I have been wanting to make choc. chip waffles for a while now and want to know some great store bought waffle mixes??? Help!? Thanks-

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  1. The Golden Malted Mix from Williams-Sonoma is quite good for a mix. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/produc...

    1. The whole grain pancake mix from TJ's is excellent. I'm sure you could use it for waffles too.

      1. Krusteaz, from Costco.

        I mix three kinds of chips in the waffles and smash them up a bit so the pieces are smaller.


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          Thank you so much for the replies. I can't wait, going to get a waffle maker and then all the stuff (mix, chips, whip cream). I have to say I have never used a waffle maker before so I hope everything turns out edible-thanks again!

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            The most important part is using a cooking spray on all the elements, something I learned the hard way. Then again, my Belgian waffle maker is old, so perhaps the newer ones are non-stick?

            Good luck and enjoy, texangurl. Don't forget the ice cream!

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              spray def helps!!

              also, you'll experiment and see what 'doneness' setting you prefer, but resist the urge to check before the light says it's done...

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              Don't forget to make some chicken & waffles! Yum!

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                I have never had chicken and waffles!? Do you eat them together like with the chicken on top of the waffle? Butter?

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                  When I was a kid my mother would smother homemade waffles with creamed chicken....... YUM!!!

          2. The hands down best, IMO, is Golden Dipt! VERY tasty! They also make a killer fish batter! U can get it at Sams Club and probably Costco.

            1. I love Hogsdon Mills buttermilk waffle mix. Don't know how widely available it is (I'm in Kentucky).

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                I think heb has that brand, thanks for the suggestion!

              2. I've tried several brands and they are all pretty good. But once you've gotten the basic mixing and cooking technique down you might want to try making waffles using yeast instead of baking powder. You make the batter the night before, which requires a bit of planning but then you don't have as much work to do in the morning. There are lots of recipes on the web. Here's one (substitute the oil of your choice if you don't like butter):


                A bit more work, but the extra flavor the yeast adds during the slow rise in the fridge is worth it.

                1. Right now we have two good pancake/waffle mixes in the pantry: Maple Grove Farms' Honey Buckwheat and Stonewall Kitchen's Orange Zest. We like the entire Maple Grove line (buttermilk/blueberry/sugar free).