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May 10, 2010 01:37 PM

BYO Wine Reccomendation for Kuma Inn?

Going to Kuma Inn tonight, and being an intermediate wine appreciator, but certainly not a serious oenophile, I'm having some difficulty figuring out what would pair well with their impressively varied asian small plate menu. Even red or white seems like a toss-up to me. (FYI: I'm generally a fan of larger red wines, but would love to be pushed towards assertive whites that I suspect would probably work well, here). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks much!


Kuma Inn
113 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. Go with a 6 pack of Singh Ha. You wont be dissapointed.

    1. I often bring a bottle (or 2) of sake. Beer works too. Hitachino Nest anyone?

      1. i like the beer/sake suggestions, but if you prefer wine, id go with a nice white. i love the chateau ste michelle gewurtzraminer- well-balanced and not too sweet, i think it's a good choice for the asian menu. and cant beat the price- around $10 at trader joes. enjoy dinner!

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          There is a very cheap bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc (under $5 I think) at Warehouse Wine and Spirits with surprising lychee notes that goes well with much of their menu. San Miguel beer is also an unbeatable match with Filipino food.

        2. I particularly like slightly off-dry rieslings with asian food.

          1. So, we eneded up going with a Washington State gewurtzraminer. Our inital thought was that it was a tad sweet, but once the food started arriving, it turned out to pair beautifully with almost everything. I couldn't help but think that with all the pork, a mild red would have worked, as well. And, I don't think we could have gone wrong with asian beer!

            What an amazing meal! And what a deal! Thanks so much for all the advice- very much appreciated.