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May 10, 2010 12:38 PM

traveling to malta, any recs?

hello hounds. this board seems pretty quiet on malta recs, but if anyone has any good eatin gems that they want to share, please let me know! i leave on monday 17 may for 8 days on the rocks....thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately, we did not get to Malta in April because of the volcano! I'm sure you'll have better luck. I had researched restaurants here, in some guidebooks, and with a friend of mine who lives there. It seems there are lots of choices. First off, there was this thread which was helpful.

    There is supposed to be very good food at a place called TemptAsian. I think it's in Sliema's Palace Hotel, but you can check.

    Hopefully, we will get there next year.....

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      thanks! i saw that thread but was fishing for more. :) good luck for next year, hopefully malta isn't going anywhere.....

    2. was there 10 years ago and it never did occur to me to record things i ate and drink. Malta is incredibly rich in history and its gastronomic influences include Italians, Spanish, and Moorish.

      do try: Maltese red wines and local beers. capers, tomatoes, cheeses, breads, pastries.
      food is quite salty but other than that everything is so good and fresh.

      i remember then there was siesta when the whole island shut down. i think maybe some touristy restaurants in Valletta/Sliema are open during siesta.

      enjoy Malta! [ptss.. don't say they're Arabs, or the food is 'like' Italian.]

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        heh, i work for a computational linguistic organization; never in a million years would i say their language is like arabic (and being of italian decent, ditto on the food)! this is a great rec, i probably won't spend much time eating in restaurants (am in malta for 8 nights) and knowing the local specialties = excellent. thank you!

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          "or the food is 'like' Italian"

          Although there are a surprisingly large number of Italian restaurants - as well as a surprising number of dishes on the menus of non-Italian restaurants that appear very Italianesque.