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May 10, 2010 11:39 AM

Nepenthe in Big Sur

OK I know this should probably go on the CA board but I feel more at home posting it here. I took M&D here for a pre mother's day lunch on Saturday. I know it gets knocked for the prices but considering what they have to do to get stuff trucked in, I can understand a 15 dollar burger.

Get there right when it opens (11:30) and you can get a great table with a fork dropping view. We sat outside and it was perfect.

I had the Ambrosia burger, Dad had carrot ginger soup and Mom had Goat cheese and roasted head of garlic appetizer. Everything was fine and the service was friendly and efficient.

Its not chichi so if you are looking for that, keep driving. But if you want to eat at the restaurant with the WORLD'S GREATEST VIEWS!!!! give Nepenthe a shot.

Oh and the weather on Sunday (real MOs day) Sucked!

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  1. We were in Monterey and Carmel this past weekend also. I do love the Ambrosia burger at Nepenthe. We like to sit at the rail there and take in the beautiful views. We had nice weather in Carmel in the afternoon, my son went surfing at Carmel Ocean Beach. We enjoyed a nice, casual lunch at Cantinetta Luca in downtown Carmel. Really good Arugula salad and the two small pizzas we had were awesome! :)

    Cantinetta Luca
    , Carmel, CA 93923

    1. Amazing views and the prices are not as absurd as you'd think. Most places with views like this serve very lackluster fare and charge exorbitant prices. Good wine and beer list too!

      1. I can't count the number of times I've been to Nepenthe's over the years. We go ;there for the views, not the food. Sitting outside and looking out on the Big Sur cliffs while you drink a glass of wine is fantastic. But the food? I'd rather eat at Jack's Burgers in Santa Cruz than have an Ambrosia Burger.

        Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

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          It's kinda fun to sit on the cushions waiting for a table with a view. Warmer and protected too.

          Here's the socked in with fog view when I was at Nepenthe in November.

          The Ambrosia burger is a way to pay for sitting on the back deck and enjoy the view. But let's not fool ourselves that this is a culinary triumph.