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May 10, 2010 10:59 AM

Rosendo Fish Market - E 22nd and 1st Ave

Has anyone been here? I love the seafood at Chelsea Market but it's a bit of a trek for me, and I can't stand the Whole Foods at Union Sq after work it is so darn busy.

Happened across this place near my apt thanks to google maps, but am curious why I can't find any reviews... I am guessing it is either sub-par or perhaps new.

Will check it out soon (tonight maybe) and update, but wanted to see if anyone has 2 cents or a better recomendation for fresh seafood around North East Village.

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  1. Union Square farmers' market - but perhaps after work is too late.

    1. It is new, perhaps within the past four months. Haven't yet been though so i can't comment on quality.

      1. Rosendo is great. It's the staff from the old Gramercy Fish Market, the one on 2nd Ave near 22nd Street, that seems reportedly not to have been paying their staff,,, and then the staff moved into the butcher's next door and took a cooler and reportedly that man decided to sell fish on his own. So the staff moved to 22nd St near 1st Ave, and they care about fish, and care about their customers. I guess Mr. Rosendo, one of the workers, maybe the manager of the old Gramercy place, is the new owner.

        1. I LOVE Rosendo fish market!!! They're truly great! So lucky they're in my neighborhood. They're open until 8:00pm most nights and they'll even deliver. They really know their seafood they go above and beyond for their customers. I've had their whole fish (which they'll clean, butterfly, and de-bone for you), their fillets, their shrimp, and their clams and lobster (which they'll even steam!). All have been excellent and fresh. My only complaint is that they're still small so sometimes they'll run out of stuff so it's best to call ahead for some of the more popular items. Please visit them. I want them to succeed! They're a gem!

          1. +1 on Rosendo.

            It is indeed the former "Gramercy Fish Co.".

            It took me over a year to find this place!