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May 10, 2010 10:53 AM

Schweppes Lemonade

Does anybody know of a place where i can buy Schweppes Lemonade in Montreal? Pimms season is coming up and there is no better way to celebrate the sunshine.

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  1. A more important consideration is that you'll hafta go to Ontario for Pimm's; the SAQ doesn't carry it (boo to the q!).

    Schweppes, otoh, is in pretty much every grocery store, no?

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    1. Do you mean a fizzy lemonade? I have never seen one by Schweppes, but President's Choice makes one.

      1. I didn't even know this existed until seeing this thread... pretty sure I've never seen it anywhere in Montreal, not that I've been looking.

        Not having tasted it, there are still a couple of things you might try:

        - Maybe your best bet, San Pellegrino Limonata. Widely available Italian fizzy lemonade. Very good.

        - Brio brand also has some citrusy products (blood orange, lemon...) in addition to its famous chinotto.

        - Canada Dry and Schweppes both make Bitter Lemon, which is a bit like lemon tonic water.

        - Canada Dry also makes (or made?) something called Collins Mix. Haven't had it in a long time, but might be worth a try if it still exists, as it should be essentially lemon and club soda.

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        1. re: Mr F

          I have to admit I am English and have never seen it over here. All I can say in its defense is that is makes a good mixer. It doesn't really taste of lemons and has probably never seen a real lemon but mixed with pimms, mint, cucumber and strawberries, it is summer. I'll keep trying!

          1. re: danrushton

            Don't know about Montreal, but you can get it in Ottawa. Expensive though!

          2. re: Mr F

            I use the San Pellegrino in 200-ml glass bottles. Seems less assertive than the canned SP and is just the right size for two drinks.

            Thought Bramble House -- -- might have Schweppes Lemonade but when I called to ask they said they stock only Bitter Lemon.

          3. As an aside, it's a shame Pimm's isn't available here. What a "happy" beverage that is, put's everybody in a good mood unlike some drinks that sour up pretty quick.
            Anyway to lobby the SAQ to bring it here?

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            1. re: 1963

              The "Help" link at takes you to a contact form. Send in a suggestion... if they get enough, you might get your wish.

              But I wouldn't be too hopeful. If I'm not mistaken they used to carry that product; the fact that they stopped suggests sales were lacking.

              1. re: Mr F

                Probably because it's very WASPy. Even among Brits, I think it's considered pretty old fashioned, if not having blue-blood class implications.

                I love it too, though. Very refreshing, and not gonna get you sloshed as fast as gin (it's 25%). Hafta bring a couple bottles back when I visit O-town at the end of the month.

              2. re: 1963

                Pimm's is now owned by the huge multinational Diageo, which doesn't list it as one of its priority brands. You could always try contacting Diageo Canada and encouraging them to ramp up their lobbying efforts -- dog knows they should have a lot of clout with the SAQ. While there, you could also inquire about the possibility of ordering a case on a private import basis. They may be too big to bother with single-case buyers but if they aren't, you can have it delivered to an SAQ Sélection outlet near you and pick it up and pay for it at your convenience. If not, there's always the Hawkesbury LCBO.

              3. WHOOPS. I misread the question, and I don't know how to delete my response. How embarrassing. Anyway, this is not necessarily helpful, but maybe if you call this place they will order it for you...

                "Too bad I'm just seeing this now... You can get Schweppes Bitter Lemon at Bramble House, in Pointe Claire: it's on their website - - Personally, I buy it by the case. Ha... :)"