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May 10, 2010 09:35 AM

ISO - Good fish option in Hamilton/Burlington area

Hi All!

My sister and I are both vegetarians and are considering adding simple, white fish to our diets for personal health reasons.

We have never had much fish or prepared it before, so we are looking for a restaurant that prepares fresh, great quality, healthy fish options for us to try and explore.

Ideally, we are looking in the Hamilton/Burlington possibly Oakville area.

Anyone have any suggestions on where we should try to get the best experience?!?!

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. In Burlington, the first place that comes to mind is Walker's Fish Market. It is reliable, but not life-altering. They have been very busy for dinner when I've been, so you should make a reservation and still might have to wait. But you will get a good variety of fresh, simply prepared fish here, and if you explain your interest, you will certainly be able to speak with people who will guarantee you choose the right options.

    Once you know what you like, you might try Dave's Fish Market. We haven't been in years because it's a hike, but I remember their selection being quite good. Paul's Fish and Meat market is also very reliable, and Marilu's Market has been very strong as a source of good fish for more than a year now. If you make sure you go to Marilu's when their fish guy (Dave) is in, or Paul's when Paul is in, you will be able to chat with them a bit more about making the best choices for your tastes and needs.

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      Whoops! Might be more helpful if I got the name right. It is Walkers Fish Market (because of location at the corner of Walkers and Harvester), not the possessive form. Apologies!

      Also, Paul's is in Roseland Plaza at Guelph and New (also known as home to Blacktree) and Marilu's is at Walkers and New.

      Walkers Fish Market
      , Burlington, ON L7R, CA

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        Thanks c.cow......I checked Walkers website and it looks really good! I love the selection and commitment to quality and freshness.

        I think we shall be giving this a try!! :)

    2. How about heading down to James Street North in Hamilton for a Portuguese feast? Wild Orchid? Ventura's Signature?

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        Thanks foodiemommy.

        Friends in Hamilton rave about Wild Orchid.......I haven't been to either, but I'll check out both menus and see if it's something that would work for us.