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May 10, 2010 09:08 AM

ISO of good Montreal smoked meat sandwich in Edmonton

Have seen a number of recommendations in and around Calgary but what about here in Edmonton?

Have had decent sandwhiches at Dahlia's on 124th although I would prefer basic rye or rye with caraway seeds than the "marble" rye they use.

I miss my "Wolfie's" in the west end.

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  1. Bob,

    I'm with you on this hunt, and you better believe I'd be willing to take the camera out for a bit of smoked meat face-off.

    There was a sign outside of the dingy south side restaurant/bar called The Steak Out, which claimed they had the best smoked meat sandwich. I've never had it fresh, but the leftovers I saw one day were jammed packed. I want to say that I've heard the sandwich is available at the restaurant inside of the Delta Edmonton South (on the whitemud).

    Other than Dahlia's..what about Col. Mustards, or Teddy's?

    I think this is definitely a topic we need to work on.

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    1. re: raidar


      The one in the Delta was a Dunn's but I think it has been gone for awhile.

      Teddy's was known for its corned beef but it has been all of twenty years since I was last in there.

      I'll keep my eyes open.

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Was a Dunn's but changed to Botanica. They still do have the same smoked meat on the menu though (at least, the last time I was there they did).

    2. Costco in Calgary carries Dunn's, so if you don't mind constructing your own, try Costco. I would assume that Dunn's is also available in the Edmonton Costcos. Then the trick is to find good rye. Strangely I have not found a really good semi-dense light rye in Calgary, like that used in Montreal. Maybe Edmonton is different.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        I am no connoisseur of smoked meat sandwiches, but Care It deli does a grilled one (no rye though), tons of meat.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Grilled on what cleopatra?

          Sounds more like a reuben minus the rye bread

          1. re: Bob Mac

            basic buns, white or brown, you could probably get it ungrilled too.

      2. I ended up stopping at The Steak Out this past week for a sandwich. It was quite good actually. The meat comes from Lesters Deli in Montreal, and is offered in a few sizes. The bread was average light rye loaf (no marble or seeds), and came with a nice coating of mustard. The sides could use some work, but I did like the inclusion of the pickle. I miss the pickles that came with my sandwiches in Ottawa.

        More on the blog.

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        1. re: raidar

          Thanks Raidar.

          Chuckled when I read your blog because, yes I would have been one of those thinking "why?" [smile]

          I did not recognize the name but you described the locale I think I have actually seen it while visiting family in that "neck of the woods".

          1. re: Bob Mac

            Haha. All in the name of food Bob, especially when it's a proper deli sammie. The locale is a little strange; what with the tattoo shop,, donair shop, source adult, butcher, violin shop and chinese restaurant all in the same parking lot.

        2. been trying to find out what happened to a restaurant called wolfies last time i saw it was 2006 with the big guy with the mustache ....any chance he reopend round the corner in bugst's been told they have a great smoked meat sandwhich

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          1. re: picardsteele

            Long gone I am afraid, picardsteele. I enjoyed it as well. He was from Pointe Claire I think.

            What is "bugst's" an abbreviation for?

            1. re: Bob Mac

              sorry i meant to type bugsy's there is a place called bugsy's foods that makes montreal smoked meat sandwhiches so iwas hoping that was the guy from wolfies as bugsy's is in mayfield common

              1. re: Bob Mac

                btw in calgary we have a new place called kickers deli it is ALMOST as good as wolfies

            2. I miss the old original younger's deli downtown by the edmonton journal meat sandwiches on a blustery cold day....mmmm. but that is taking me back 30 years! i don't know what it was about that time period, but i also remember a hand carved hot smoked meat sandwich place by the old rialto theatre on 101st south of jasper ave. and the sandwiches at the hello deli when paula owned on 124st....