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May 10, 2010 09:08 AM

pig roast help

this summer, my wife and i will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. her family lives in alexandria, and we've decided to have a celebratory bash.

now the party might well run to 50 people; and idea thats come up is to find a rural spot say within a couple of hours of dc that will roast a whole pig and generally take care of the catering. any thoughts?

also, if the above idea isn't feasible, any ideas around for a stately mansion with decent grounds etc near alexandria that we could rent for the evening?

cheers and thanks in advance

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  1. Might want to email these people, event planners in the area. Have dealt w/ them a couple times and their pretty resourceful. Might have some suggestions for you. Not sure of any places in/outside the area that would do that all in one.

    1. Arlington County has a historic park with stately home available for rent - often the site of weddings, etc.

      In addition, if you'd consider it, maybe we could arrange a Chowhound meal at Myanmar. You can send me a PM.

      1. Check out Smokey Glen, they are in MD but will do a pig roast for you

        1. The original comment has been removed