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May 10, 2010 09:04 AM

Sunday Brunch Philly/Monco

A friend is looking for a good place that has a Sunday brunch buffet for a group of about 10-12. A number of people are converging from various places, so the optimum location for all would be Mongomery County, towards Philly. Price is not so much of an issue, and these are people who would want a comfortable, tasteful setting -- not looking for adventure or funky, if you get my drift.

The only suggestion so far is William Penn Inn.

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  1. Joseph Ambler Inn is lovely, with good food.

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      Unfortunately, the Joseph Ambler Inn only offers a Sunday brunch for special occassions, like Easter, Mothers' Day & the like. Other than those special events, the only Sunday meal offered is dinner.

    2. Coleman at Normandy Farms does Sunday brunch. I have never been there. Maybe others can comment.

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        I went to the Coleman brunch once. Although expensive, I thought it was very well done. It is a buffet brunch

      2. Though not in Montco, The Desmond Hotel in Malvern use to do a nice Sunday Brunch

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          I have been to the Desmond & can attest to the wonderfulness of the brunch. I think it's a little too far out of the way for these folks, though.

        2. Radnor Hotel has an excellent brunch. Just outside King of Prussia on at the intersection of Rt. 30 and King of Prussia Rd.

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            2nd the Radnor Hotel brunch. Plus, it's right off of 476 so it's easy to get to...

          2. I went to brunch at NaBrasa yesterday on Mother's Day. It is a Brazilian restaurant which does very well with larger groups. As expected, there were quite a few groups of all ages. Everyone seemed to be having a fun time. Despite being "Brazilian," it is not exotic.

            They had a good number of hot and cold stations, as well as sausages, ham, lamb and grilled pineapple,which were served Rodizio-style (servers come around with the meat or pineapple on a large skewer and carve it at the table). All the food was very good and is comparable in quality to the William Penn Inn which I have frequented on many occasions. The pasta station and omelette station were particularly good. The dessert table was great, even if a little messy but I attribute that to the fact that we had a late seating.

            The restaurant in on Easton Road in Horsham, not far from the Willow Grove Turnpike Exit.