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May 10, 2010 09:01 AM

Charming French Bistro in Baldwin Village

Simple, classic french cuisine - nice intimate little find if you don't mind small spaces.

Great little corner set aside with a RESERVED sign for a birthday celebration- nice way to start the evening. 3 Course prix fixe menu costs $33 per person- your choice.

Here's what we chosen:

Appetizers- Warm goat cheese with honey on toast, greens, pine nuts & Curried crab potato cakes. Really lovely

Dinner- Special of the Day- Coq au Vin, Steak Frites. Coq au Vin was really delicious tender moist thighs with chunks of bacon visible in the sauce. Only negative with the frites though they were really delicious were there was way too overly salted for our tastes.

Dessert: Cream Puffs filled with vanilla ice cream & drizzed with fudge sauce & chocolate walnut cake ( warm from the oven when it arrives at your table). Server had let us know that it would be 15 -20 mins for chocolate walnut cake as it was made to order.

Relazed atmostphere where you are not rushed out- there was only 1 server for the bistro but she did an amazing job of ensuring everyone was looked after. She was apparently one of the original wait associates who was back to cover a few shifts. If there is a little bit of a wait, good food is worth waiting for so enjoy your dinner companion and bon appetite!

Midi Bistro
168 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T1W4, CA

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  1. What's the name of the French guy with the handle bar mustache and his French restaurant, on Baldwin for decades? Typing this gives me a craving for fish soup.

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          1. re: Herb

            Gaston was born in Paris to a Jewish family. Top man, he is truly missed on Baldwin Street.

    1. Thanks for the review, fooddiva7. Midi is one of my favourite restaurants, and it's often overlooked when the subject of French bistros comes up. Every meal I've ever had there has been very good, the service ditto. And the restaurant itself is, as you say, charming. (The tables are fairly close together, and occasionally the noise levels can get a little high,. But somehow in that setting the chatter seems--to me, anyway--festive rather than irritating. Odd, because normally I can't stand noisy venues.)

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      1. re: waydowntown

        You are most welcome, waydowntown! I totally agree with your observation re: the noise levels though a bit high at times seem more festive than irritating. I also don't usually go back to noisy venues a 2nd time but Midi is a treasured find whom the whole package charms!

        1. re: Gary

          Good catch!!! I guess not enough people have been charmed. ;-)

          1. re: syoung

            In fairness, they are selling, not running away in the middle of the night. Hard to know the motivation.

          2. re: Gary

            Wow, that's really unfortunate. I go regularly for the prix fixe lunch, and it's usually packed. I didn't get the impression that the restaurant is failing, but I obviously don't see the bottom line (is $3k in rent expensive for 28 seats?). Maybe the owners just want a change?

            1. re: Gary

              Wow- that's really unfortunate. I didn't get the impression either that the restaurant was failing- every seat was filled on a Wednesday evening. Though I guess being a small space with 28 seats----it'll never really look empty. Go while we all can!

            2. The original comment has been removed