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May 10, 2010 09:01 AM

Tri Valley Seafood Reopened in Pleasanton

East Bay 'Hounds,
I was over near the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton on Sunday morning and I noticed that the Tri Valley Seafood restaurant near Cost Plus has now reopened. Prior to a brief stint as a pho restaurant, it used to be a decent and very popular dim sum location. On Mother's Day it appeared to be doing big business. Has anyone been in to try the current fare?

Tri Valley Seafood
5588 Springdale Ave, Pleasanton, CA

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  1. Yes I've been there with co-workers for dim sum a few times since they reopened. I think the food is slightly better since the have been open and I thought I heard it was the same owners. Seeme like they have some items on the menu that I hadn't seen on their menu before - maybe Koi Garden has inspired the expanded dim sum menu.

    Koi Garden
    4288 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568

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      I've added the website to the Restaurants & Bars record. It says dim sum is available all day long.

    2. tried tri valley in mid january.
      -tri valley very roomy, elegant looking. service not bad. didn't get choice of tea, was given oolong tea.
      -dim sum on checklist (most dim sum places do this now)
      -dim sum higher price than oaktown. mayflower (my fav) prices may be comparable to koi.
      -dim sum average, most sampled items were tasteless. (except for msg).

      1. I went in to scope it out today for lunch. I didn't recognize any of the staff, but I rarely went on a weekday during the last ownership.
        I was alone, so I opted for the lunch menu rather than dim sum.
        Lunch was $7.95 or $8.95 depending on the entrée choice, and includes soup, egg roll and rice.
        I got the pork in garlic sauce and asked for spicy, (it wasn't), and received a heaping portion of pork, black fungus and green peppers. The plate also included 3 pieces of steamed broccoli, not the Chinese variety by the way.
        Overall the quality was pretty good, but I'm in agreement with The Kid's assessment, missing the flavor profile to make me want to hurry back.
        I'll probably give them another try for dim sum, but otherwise, not impressed.