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May 10, 2010 08:57 AM

Looking for a Profiterole Cake in Houston, TX

Does anyone know where I can get a profiterole cake in the Houston area? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Do you mean a croquembouche? Don't know where to get one...Epicure Cafe on West Gray says they can do it, though the one time I went there the pastries were terrible. Might try Andres as well.

    West Gray Cafe
    415 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

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    1. re: WtotheN

      I love Andre's pastries and the prices there are reasonable. I think the Texas version of croquembouche is made with Shipley donut holes :-)

      1. re: texasredtop

        That actually sounds really good! mmm....

        Would be perfect for a Texan / French wedding!

    2. You might ask French Gourmet Bakery or the French Riviera Bakery on Chimney Rock.

      Profiteroles are on the menu at Jeanine's Bistro and The Broken Spoke Cafe the two places that grew out of the collapse of Cafe Montrose after Ike. You also might talk to them.

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        I don't know where to buy one but I'd love to know how it would be served. The ones I've seen on tv look like they are fairly well cemented together. What logistics go into the deconstruction? Thanks for satisfying my curiosity. :)

        1. re: onatrip

          Often they are built around a metal cone. The difficulty in H-town is the humidity: poses a challenge to the strength of the caramel that usually holds it all together.

      2. for anyone who is interested, I found a croquembouche at Epicure Cafe on W. Gray. I've had some good cakes there, so I'm quite hopeful this will be good...