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May 10, 2010 08:43 AM

Great Recipes without Eggs?

I have a friend of a friend who is allergic to eggs. I's so sad!!! She can't eat many desserts that are served at our dinner parties because of that. I have one recipe for made-from-scratch strawberry shortcake that I use a lot, and I shared it with her. Anyone else have any they can share?

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  1. how about a fruit crisp? A good one is on the America's Test Kitchen website -- the topping is made from a combo of oatmeal, butter, flour & brown sugar.

    And all manner of fruit pies can be made without eggs.

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      Second on the crisp. The gf does one from Bittman she can knock out in her sleep and people think she is some kind of goddess (which she is, but for reasons other than her crisps). Crisps encapsulate everything good about summer in America. They make me want to run a flag up a flagpole.

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        Happily the berry and stone fruit season will be upon us soon. The variations and combinatons of fruit pies and crisps are pretty infinite, to say nothing of delicious.

        There are quite good substitutions for eggs in baking, in case you wanted broaden the repetoire and make cookies, cake or whatever. I'm not pimping veganism, but it's not too difficult to modify recipes for baking without eggs. See this link for a list of substitutes:

    2. The Amazon Chocolate Cake aka Wacky Cake makes a very nice dessert and has no eggs in it. Nice and moist. among other places (it was popularized by Café Beaujolais in Mendocino in the '70's).

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        I'm going have to give this cake a shot someday; it's only it's been around since the 70's, and it seems that baking soda/vinegar no egg chocolate cake have been around lots longer than that. I've never tried it, incredibly.

        That's quite a link, bt, 683 brownie recipes, just to start.

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          It really is, and it makes a very nice (very chocolate) cake. People go for it in a big way.

      2. I didn't think about a crisp, but you are all would be a great eggless dessert. I will have to relay all of your tips to my friend. I am sure she will be grateful :)

        1. Hi , I have a great nephew who is allergic to eggs and all soy products. I have made him a chocolate moist cake, strawberry lemonade cake, soft oatmeal cookies and a lot of other good stuff. He will only eat my food. He is nearly 6 years old. I don't mind sharing recipes.

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            Do you have a good brownie recipe that doesn't use eggs? My friend is hosting a dinner party tomorrow and I wanted to bring brownies for dessert.

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              Wonderful brownie recipe in Vegan Cookies Take Over Your Cookie Jar. You can view it in the preview on Amazon; it has a little bit of silken tofu in it, but you don't taste it at all. It's the Deluxe Cocoa Brownies. (Eggless brownies are for some reason harder than a lot of baked goods and the binder is really needed).

              1. re: eireann

                Thanks for the tip on using the preview on Amazon. The Vegan Cookies book looks delicious.

                I ended up using this one from Allrecipes:

                I mistakenly used the wrong pan (9x9 instead of 9x13) so the middle never fully set. However I don't mind a gooey brownie and I think they tasted pretty good. It's pretty rich and smooth.

          2. See the cobbler recipe that is the first one in this post: