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White Anchovies???

Where can I find these little fellows?

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  1. I've only found them in SF, pretty awesome and nothing like those in a jar or canned ones. Maybe Point Loma Seafoods?

    1. I think I saw those in the deli counter of the Hillcrest Whole Foods Market. You might want to give them a call first to make sure they're in stock.

        1. re: jmtreg

          Are they better, less fishy than the canned ones?
          I love anchovies on Pizza, pasta, etc but rarely have them because my wife hates the smell.
          I want to say I saw some at Trader Joe's once but not sure about that.

          1. re: pantani

            I'm not sure, because I don't really eat anchovies, but they were in a plastic tub.

            1. re: jmtreg

              They are different and IMHO better whole. The old canned stuff is good for recipes.

            2. re: pantani

              They are totally different than the canned ones, not put up in oil, it's like eating a tiny fillet of white fish, very mild and tasty. Oh, and no little hairy bones.

          2. The Hillcrest Whole Foods carries excellent Spanish white fillets, the ones cubano mentions. Though they are packed in olive oil and the plastic tub, the quality is great. The Spanish know how to preserve seafood. They can be found in the cured meats/canape ingredient section.


            1. eatemup..
              what are you going to do with those little fellows?

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                Actually I'm going to make "Anchovies 2 ways." A white anchovy sitting on a deviled duck egg and then an anchovy and herb sauce (using regular -- not white -- anchovies) over grilled salmon and radiichio (sp?). The latter recipe I got from Chef Paul Bartolotta when he did a class at Macy's during the last San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival. I need a wine pairing -- Sauv Blanc?

                1. re: eatemup

                  are you going to grill the radicchio?
                  sounds lovely..(except the duck egg) not into that kind of stuff.
                  Sauv Blanc sounds good..maybe ibstatguy will chime in since he is the wine guy!

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    I'll saute the radicchio but grilling would work too.

                  2. re: eatemup

                    That sounds delicious. An atypical suggestion: a good dry riesling, Alsatian if possible. Somehow this wine is overly associated with Asian foods or dessert over here, and could certainly stand a makeover. Mona Lisa sells a decent Gentil Hugel at the correct price. Really good.



                2. Eatemup - if you can find one, try pairing with a white Txakolina, from the Basque region of Spain. See if Dennis at 3rd Corner can help; I don't think you'll find any at 57 but Bryan might be able to help you. My second suggestion would be a blanc de blanc if you have interest in going the bubbly route. After those, in no particular order, Muscadet or Cru Chablis, Rueda.

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                    Nice. I like the Spanish angle. Thanks.

                  2. Bristol Farms $13.99/lb. Next to the by the pound poke...between meat counters and sushi area.

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                    1. re: Cathy

                      they carry white anchovies now at Sea Side Market. Haven't tried them but they looked good.

                      1. re: SDGourmand

                        I ended up getting the ones at Mona Lisa and they were quite good. They were loose in olive oil. They also had them at the Buon Appetito Market in a vacuum pack. Thanks you all for the tips.

                        Buon Appetito
                        1609 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

                        1. re: eatemup

                          Did you taste them? what do you think compared to the canned ones?

                          1. re: eatemup

                            They are loose in olive oil at Bristol also. What was the price per pound at Mona Lisa?

                            1. re: Cathy

                              cstr - they bear almost no resemblance to canned. They were delicious and can best be described as tasting like the sea. Cathy- I'll confess to not looking at the price.