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May 10, 2010 07:12 AM

Overpriced, or Worth It?

I currently use a hand mixer that is about six years old. I have about run the mixers off of it :) I bake A LOT, and my friends have been telling me that I need to invest in a stand mixer. However, after seeing the prices of them, I have, until now, decided to stick with my cheap hand mixer, which always gets the job done just fine. What do you think? Would it be beneficial to me to purchase one? Or do hand mixers do the same job, for less money? I have never used a stand mixer before.

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  1. There's really no comparison: Stand mixers are much more powerful and much faster, plus, they can handle bread dough.

    1. I got my KA from Amazon a few years ago. It was "refurbished" but came with a full factory warranty. At that time, it was about $160. I now have the grinder attachment and make burgers and sausage and the pasta attachments. I almost never bake BTW :)

      1. I did the same thing for years and I can tell you that I love having a stand mixer! To be honest I haven't used my hand mixer for two years now. It is very much worth the money since it sounds like you plan on using it. If you have a Cost-Co in your area and are a member try there for a deal. They have them pretty regularly and usually have the second to highest model for around $300 (which is $75 cheaper then anywhere else I have seen it).

        1. If your hand mixer has done the job for you, why not just replace it? No need to spend so much money when something cheaper fills your needs. JMpracticalO !!!!

          1. If you bake a lot a lot, then it is not a bad idea to have a stand mixer, if anything to free you up to do other things, thus saving you some time here and there.

            A typical stand mixer is more powerful than a handheld mixer. There are few exception, but it is far and in between.

            A stand mixer is particular good for larger quantity mixing. It is not so great if you are doing a very small quantity mixing because the mixer is not designed to scrap the bottom of the mixing bowl.

            A handheld mixer has its place.

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              I do usually use my hand mixer for very small quantities - but it's just not true that stand mixers aren't designed to scrap the bottom of the mixing bowl. I have no problem with my KA stand mixer scraping the bottom of the bowl - KA mixers have an adjustment screw for just that purpose.