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May 10, 2010 07:11 AM

Bar on Manhattan Ave Greenpoint Bkln

A few weeks ago on a Saturday I was walking the length of Manhattan Ave from north to south. Somewhere north of Norman Avenue I noticed a pub on the east side of the street that had a blackboard sign out on the sidewalk advertising the availability of Dogfish Head Aprihop along with some other items. I couldn't stop to check it out because I had to meet up with some people further down towards Williamsburgh.

Anyone know what the name of this place might have been or general location on the Avenue?

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  1. Maybe it was The Mark Bar at Green and Manhattan? That's got a real pub feel to it...even if it's not where you passed, I'd check it out anyway. It's a great place to drink.

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    1. re: UnderemployedInNYC

      I think I saw The Mark Bar on the other (west) side of the street. I'll check it out when I get back there to look for the place I saw on the east side. But that was the general neighborhood I'm talking about, and there appeared to be no shortage of drinking places.

      1. re: gnocchi

        maybe it was the habitat? east side of street, near the mark bar. good beer selection, although no dogfish at the moment:

        1. re: mmbrooklyn

          i think you may be correct. I checked out the website and sure enough there's the chalkboard out on the sidewalk:

          1. re: gnocchi

            I love The Habitat! Gets crowded fast, but worth a sit-down meal and of course the beer is fantastic. Friendly staff.

            1. re: gnocchi

              Ooh. Habitat is great. They have good happy hour food specials too!