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May 9, 2010 11:39 PM

Wandering in Reston

Hi all!

Will be visiting my brother the corporate lawyer in Reston. He is planning on taking us out to Passionfish. He is not the best judge of food, and Boston, where we live, is lacking im many ethnic restaurants. If I can get him to pull off his tie and relax, where would you advise going to eat? Favorites, and lacking in Boston, are Greek and fine Mexican food. We may sneak away to Washington one day, and thought of hitting the Minibar if we can get reservations. Is it worth the drive??

Thanks so much

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  1. Passionfish is very good--don't talk him out of that one! Reston Town Center is mostly chains, though some of them are outposts of smallish local restaurant groups.

    We are also lacking in fine Mexican food here in the DC area, though a search of this board for "Mexican" will give you some ideas. I'm not aware of any outstanding Greek in the area, though we have plenty of good Lebanese in the region.

    In the Reston area, one thing we do have that beats Boston is our Thai food. My sister-in-law did Peace Corps work in Thailand, and reports that your Boston-area Thai restaurants frequently dumb the food down for non-Thais.

    In the general Reston area, the very casual Thai by Thai in Sterling has a special Thai menu that you will need to request. (The regular stuff is quite good,too). On that menu, the fried pork with Chinese broccoli and the fried pork ribs are stand-outs. Neither of these is particularly spicy, but the pork ribs come with a very incendiary dipping sauce. Their larb gai is spicy and delicious, as is a shrimp salad from the Thai menu.

    Thai by Thai is an order-at-the counter, served at your table establishment.

    We also have excellent Indian and Lebanese restaurants in the DC area. In Herndon, Angeethi is a stand-out Indian place, with Minerva a good second choice.

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      Second Angeethi, and also Polly's Passionfish rundown.

      For greek, Mykonos is the real deal. My brother spent a lot of time in Crete and this place lives up. The spanakopita is insanely good, and try the shrimp appetizer!

      Pollos Inka is Peruvian, not Mexican, but is excellent.

    2. Oyamel in DC for "fine Mexican". I love the albondigas and the chile en nogado.

      1. A little late, I know, but when I lived and worked in the Boston burbs we used to go to The Aegean in Framingham all the time, and it still appears to be booming 25 years later. I loved the place back then, one of my favorite restaurants period.

        1. You might check out La Sandia in Tysons Corner Center. Richard Sandoval has been criticized by some for this store, but the menu is

          La Sandia Restaurant
          7852L Tysons Corner Center, McClean, VA 22102