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May 9, 2010 08:33 PM

boxed alfajores in DC?

My roommate is from Argentina, and he's been on the receiving end of a few boxes of Havanna Alfajores ( However, this is not a reliable enough source for me. Is there any place in the city/DMV I can buy these (or similar)? I need my alfajores mas ricos!

PS. I've heard there are places that sell the fresh ones around here. I'm sure those are delicious, but they are not exactly what I want.

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    1. Rodman's on Wisconsin Ave by the Friendship Heights metro has them.

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      1. re: Milocat1

        I went to Rodman's and while they did have alfajores, they are not the Argentine variety with dulce de leche in the middle sandwiched by soft cookies. They look like alfajores and are labeled as such, but it has to be some variety that I'm not familiar with.

        I was able to find dulce de leche, mate, and dulce de membrillo but no argentine alfajores :'(

      2. Vace's in Cleveland Park carries Alfajores and dulce de leche.

          1. Sorry, the link to buy them online is at the end of the short article I posted above.