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May 9, 2010 07:50 PM

Singapore Itinerary Help

I have one afternoon/night to introduce a friend to Singapore, its interesting neighborhoods and delicious food. By noon we should be ready to go after dropping off our bags and checking into into our hotel on Orchard Rd. (It will be a Monday, if that matters) I was hoping to include a bit of wandering through (and grazing in) Chinatown, the Colonial District, Little India, Kampong Glam and possibly East Coast Seafood Center or Hua Yu Wee for crab. (I realize this is probably pushing it and I'll have to cut some of these) I'd like to stop in several hawker centers along the way. Any thoughts on organizing my day a bit? Does anything stand out as better for lunchtime or better for evening?

I'll have 5 days there so plenty of time to wander around and try some of the places recommended on this forum. Just trying to figure out how to give a friend a "taste" of this nice city in a short time.

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  1. Firstly, be very aware of Singapore's heat & humidity, and it's probably one of the hottest months in Singapore at the moment.

    After checking into your hotel, try one of the air-conditioned food courts in Orchard Road and my top choice would be Food Republic at Wisma Atria. Try Sergeant Chicken Rice or the fried Hokkien noodles or anything you fancy. Just look for stalls with a queue.

    It's better to do Chinatown in the early evening - 5.30pm thereabouts. Then, the street stalls along Smith St & around there will start offering lots of food choices. You can cover the colonial district beforehand, perhaps 4-5pm, there's nothing much to eat there. Boat Quay has drinking spots but the food touts will turn you off.

    Little India is good for an early morning breakfast at Komala Vilas and to see the temples. You can cover that and then hop over to Kampung Glam (10 minutes by taxi) to the Malay Culture Centre and Sultan Mosque. Then do lunch there at Zam Zam, Hajah Maimunah or one of the popular Muslim eating houses on Arab St, Bussorah St or around there.