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May 9, 2010 07:29 PM

Local Knife Sharpening Service?

Does anyone know of any skilled knife sharpening services around town?


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  1. Alpine Clocks & Knives in Metairie sharpens knives. 1901 Vets in Metairie. Bad online reviews for clock/watch repair, but I had a badly chipped knife sharpened there a while back. They made it like new.

    1. A guy at the Saturday Crescent City Farmers Market sharpens knives. He'll do it while you wait.

      The Crescent City Farmers Market
      700 Magazine Street Corner of Girod Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

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      1. re: Frolic

        Since I live about 5 blocks from the CCFM, I'll give that a go this Saturday. If that doesnt work out I'll try the place in Metairie.

        Thanks to both for the responses.

        1. re: NYNO

          Did the Farmers Market knife sharpener work out, or did you need to go to Metarie?

          1. re: noradeirdre

            I had to work on Saturday morning and the wife slept in. So no go.

            I'll be away this weekend but intend on going next Saturday and I'll report back here.

            1. re: NYNO

              We're hoping to go tomorrow so I will keep my eyes peeled.

          2. re: NYNO

            I don't recommend Alpine. The price they charge for sharpening is outrageous, and they charge by the inch. I forget the exact rates, but to get two chef's knives and a mandolin blade sharpened, I forked over $38. These were my beater knives--I don't think I paid more than $15 for one, maybe $20 for the other. So to pay more for sharpening than the knives really got me. I don't think it should cost more than $3 or $4 -- $5 tops -- per knife, unless it's a ceramic knife.

            1. re: meremortal

              There is a knife sharpen at the Saturday Gretna Farmer's Market and also at a shoe repair shop on Magazine river side in that block with a whole bunch of shoe repairs where Martin's is.

              1. re: meremortal

                My only experience with Alpine is that they could use a refresher course of friendly customer service skills. I went to inquire about the lifetime warranty on one of 12 shun knives that my husband purchased there in 2009. It developed a chip in it. Anyway, the two guys working that day were unfriendly and seemed totally annoyed to provide me with the Shun 1-800 number...which sort of surprised me since (a) our total 2009 knife purchase was well over $1000 and (b) while they were searching for the number, I was expressing a high level of interest in purchasing another $100+ knife in their display case. They were so off-putting about the 1-800 number that I decided to purchase the new knife via an online retailer instead. In this day and age, if a local company expects us to Buy Local, they need to be mindful that we have options and reflect that recognition in their customer service skills. By the way, Shun provided exceptional customer service and a quick turnaround. They also offer lifetime sharpening for free.

                Anyway, in light of the shoddy customer service that I received from Alpine, I would most definitely try the guy at the Farmers Market first.

          3. Sharpening guy was at the CBD farmers market this morning. Didn't ask about price though. Good to know about Shun lifetime sharpening. It was a Shun that I took to Alpine.

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            1. re: N.O.Food

              Looks like $3 for a knife, according to the sign. I'm gonna try him out next week.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                Even though shun offers free sharpenening, for the sake of convenience, I purchased their electric sharpener. I can use this for my global as well. It does a decent job, but not as good as the factory edge. It does not accomodate the bolster on German knives. I use an old chef's choice electric sharpener for my Wustofs. Again, not a factory edge. I do not recommend either except for convenience.

                I got my son a manual sharpener from global that actually puts a razor sharp edge on his knives. He uses it for his Japanese and German knives. It does not have an adjustment for 23' (German) so he sharpens them all to a 16' bevel ...which is an improvement.

              2. OK, FINALLY, after several weeks of totally spacing on bringing the knives with us, we got our three chef's knives sharpened. $4 each, he did a nice job. Was very happy cooking dinner tonight.

                1. I am terribly ashamed to say I still havent made it over to the CCFM to get my knives sharpened. The best part is that I live on Magazine and Poeyfarre.

                  In my defense, I have been working every Saturday since this post.

                  As for my wife's defense. Well, uh...

                  She promises me she's going to go this weekend!