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May 9, 2010 07:14 PM

Friday road trip -- Rt 11 or 81 between Front Royal VA and Lewisburg WV

Not looking for anything gourmet or bistro-like. Just looking for a good eating spot that we don't know about -- extra points for a good ice cream shop or any place with good fried chicken.

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  1. Did you find anything worth posting?

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    1. re: consaacs

      Not really. Stopped for an ice cream snack in Staunton at Split Banana--very good and totally unexpected from my previous visit to Staunton a few years back. All natural gelato and ice cream at a good price, and just up the street from a great live music venue called The Mockingbird. Would have had dinner there, as John Cowan was playing, but we were on our way to Lewisburg to see Iris Dement (great as always).

      Had lunch at some little bistro in Harrisonburg; food wasn't bad, but totally unmemorable, as is the name of the restaurant.

      That's all--hopefully better next time.

    2. In case you need to know for next time food and Friends in Lewisburg and Tavern 1785 are pretty good. Food and friends is more casual.

      Tavern 1785
      208 W Washington St, Lewisburg, WV 24901