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May 9, 2010 07:13 PM

Best Pizza in South Florida

We've had 'Top Pizza In FLA' and 'Best Pizza in Miami' threads, but I don't think we've had a 'Best Pizza' in South Florida (east coast - Miami through Jupiter) thread yet. So here it is!

"Best" is such an arbitrary designation that perhaps "favorite" is more appropriate. I'll just leave best in the thread title since that's the word that everyone tends to use in searches.

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  1. My favorites as of last week:

    Casale - South Beach
    Andiamo - Miami
    Anthony's Coal Fired - Aventura

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    1. re: racer x

      I hate to say it, but Casale has closed. That was one of my favorites.

    2. New Contender:

      Mona Lisa Coal Oven Pizza
      2009 NE 2nd St, Deerfield Beach

      Amazingly good thin-crust pizza. Try a margherita with sausage: fresh mozzarella and basil, delicious sausage, generous amounts of fennel seed. Sauce was very good (although I tend to like sauce just a bit sweeter).

      The also have Italian desserts (I haven't tried them).

      The pizzeria is in the little cluster of restaurants and shops just across from the beach. There's plenty of competition for pizza in the area, with Umberto's just around the corner and Bob's across the street.

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      1. re: racer x

        We haven't tried the pizza yet but the cannoli are very good.

        1. re: racer x

          "Mona Lisa Coal Oven Pizza" in Deerfield.

          Drove by yesterday (Monday 12/26) around noon (A1A tourist season traffic in full swing so it was a quick drive by).

          I saw what I thought was a paper sign on front window - "CLOSED - NEW MGMT".

          Not sure if this is correct but if anyone has details please post. Could be they are just closed Monday, and they had 2 separate signs... not sure.

          I had wanted to try as I've heard they may be even better than Tucci's or Anthony's.

          1. re: CFByrne

            Don't know whether management has changed or not.

            However, the past couple of times I visited (the last being at least a couple of months ago), the pizzas weren't as good as they had been in the past. Still ok, but hardly exceptional.

            1. re: CFByrne

              Went by the former Mona Lisa's this past Sunday. Still closed.

          2. Anthony's is good, but for "plain" pizza Primantis Brothers on the beach in Fort Lauderdale is hard to beat.

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            1. re: cdmirshamsi

              agreed! just moved here from NY several months ago, Primantis is difficult to beat

              1. re: cdmirshamsi

                Finally tried Primanti Brothers on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.
                You're right, they make a damn-good pizza.

                And it's just a plain pizza -- meaning kind of like a Domino's pizza style-wise, but much, much better.
                Love that Primanti's crust!

              2. Boca Raton

                Brooklyn Boys Pizza & Pasta
                ‎9967 Glades Road
                Boca raton, FL 33434
                (NE corner of 441 & glades by boston market)

                Renzo's Cafe West Cafeteria‎
                1906 Clint Moore Road
                Boca Raton, FL 33496-2663
                On Clint moore rd just west of military (tiny place, no glamor)

                Renzo's Cafe West Cafeteria and Restaurant
                1906 Clint Moore Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33496

                1. Best New York-outerborough-type pizza that I've had in South Florida (I've been here 15 years) has to be from GG's of New York on 441 north of Commercial Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale. It's got that puffy crust, perfect tomato flavor and chewiness I remember from eating a hot slice standing in the cold at a walk-up window in Brooklyn as a kid. I've never been in the place....we've ordered pies there for the office....but I've called to compliment them and tell them they nailed's a nice family operation, originally from Brooklyn (see?), here for years. While I'm a plain pie purist, their white pie (ricotta, mozzarella) is amazing.


                  I'm also a big fan of Anthony's Coal Fired for that type of thin crust, charred it with those tiny meatballs.

                  Also like Pizza Time in Coral Springs....a great Bronx-style pie!