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May 9, 2010 06:54 PM

Stone Rose in Conshy

I saw Stone Rose mentioned in other Conshy threads, but did not see any detailed reviews. I only ate there once, but thought I would jot down a quick review.
We went there on a Friday night & seating was only available outside, so we braved the early May chill in the air & sat outside. This was a bit unfortunate, because the inside of the restaurant looked quite nice, & feels very Rittenhouse square-esque sans the lovely view. We did not expect much, as we drove by many times thinking this was more of a "bar with food" than vice was actually our backup plan on this night, as our main choice was a long wait for a table. We were pleasantly surprised. My wife had crab & avocado salad, which was served with a roasted pepper filled with greens, a large baked potato chip, and neat domes of lump crab & avocado. She loved it. She has the short rib appetizer as her entree, which is served over mac & cheese. The portion was quite large for an app. She loves short ribs & has ordered in several restaurants, trying to relive the memory of Blackfish's surf & turf short ribs. She is usually disappointed, but she loved Stone Rose's version & placed it second only behind Blackfish. She let me sample the salad, but I did not dare go anywhere near the short ribs, so you'll have to take her word on them. For me, I had only the sea bass entree off the menu, which I only ordered because they subbed Grouper on this night, and I am a sucker for Grouper. It was delicious, very simply cooked in a nice caper, white wine sauce w/ the standard veg & mash. I was impressed & would like to hear other people's thoughts.

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  1. I've only had lunch, but share your enthusiam for the food. Atmosphere is nicely done too, and it's lovely on a nice day with the windows open.

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      Never heard of Stone Rose; was looking for a new place to eat in Conshy beside Blackfish.
      Is the food at the Stone rose on the salty side? And is the atmosphere/size of the venue convenient to parties of 5 or more? Thanks for your posts!

    2. Tried Stone Rose last Saturday night, based on your review and reviews elsewhere. We loved it and will be back. Full review here:

      1. Will certainly agree with knappy and JanR - had a great lunch at Stone Rose last week. Service was excellent as was the food, with big lunch portions. Started with the short ribs over mac & cheese and finished with a roasted turkey/avocado/bacon sandwhich and house fries. Decent beers on tap, didnt look at wine list.

        We will return.