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May 9, 2010 06:52 PM

Casual saturday lunch near Copley Place?

I am headed into Boston with my mother (Copley Place to be precise for a spa appointment) on Saturday...where do you suggest for lunch? I know I could walk to Newbury Street if it is nice out and find a place there, but I am sort of out of the loop on the whole Colpey/Newbury Street area. Just a nice casual laid back place where Ican have an enjoyable and relaxing lunch (with excellent food, of course!) I amnot particularly opposed to any type of cuisine, so all recommendations are welcome! Within walking distance of the Copley Place Marriott. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Better choices are in the South End, which is a close walk from Copley Place. Also, many South End places serve brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Aquitaine has a good brunch deal on Saturdays.

    I also like Coda which is convenient to Copley Place.

    329 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02116

    569 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118

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      I am thinking Coda for a casual dinner this coming Sunday, probably 7:30ish.
      Should I expect a lineup at that hour?

    2. Within the Copley area you might want to check out Turner Fisheries which is in the Westin Copley for a nice seafood lunch. Parish Cafe is located on Boylston Street at the cross of Arlington. I have also had several relaxing lunches at Bouchee on Newbury.
      Otherwise BB is on the right track with the South End- you'll find a large list of lovely restaurants with wonderful lunch menus.

      Turner Fisheries Bar
      10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

      1. I haven't been for lunch but Vlora downstairs on Boylston by Clarendon is a nice room with sandwiches, salads and mediterranean dishes for $8-12. Abe & Louie's across from the Pru has a great brunch and Atlantic Seafood is next door, those are pricey. On Newbury, La Voile is also an option and the grande dame, Sonsie.

        La Voile
        261 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

        545 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

        Abe & Louie's
        793 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

        1. Tend to agree with the above. Some more flavor:

          Sonsie for a great, relaxing vibe and people-watching (Newbury St). Good food, nothing to write mom about.

          Le Voile for best food and wine list in the immediate area (Newbury St). Good patio dining, as well as indoor. Very small bar area.

          The bar(s) at Bouchee (decent food, better-than-avg wine list - Newbury St), Atlantic Fish (if seafood is your bag - Boylston St) or Abe & Louis (steak, etc., very good wine list). The patios are also an option.

          Petite Robert Bistro for excellent casual bistro fare and a bit more of a walk (Comm Ave near Fenway - this is an easy jaunt from Copley for Bostonians). Or Eastern Standard just a bit further down the block.

          Outdoor patio at Parish Cafe if weather's great "upscale" sandwiches - try the Zuni roll. Boylston St. near the Public Gardens.

          Anybody vouch for Sel de la Terre for lunch?

          Eastern Standard
          528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

          Sel de la Terre
          774 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02199

          1. If you want something very casual, I've enjoyed lunch at Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester St, between Newbury and Boylston. Good Middle Eastern food.