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May 9, 2010 05:44 PM

Bouchonee/La Montee

Has anyone tried the (new) Montee on St-Laurent? Is it much like Bouchonee was(a wine bar with good nibbles) or more like the Montee was(ie. sit down resto with high quality food)? I have friends in town in early June and was hoping to bring them there.

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  1. I went there for lunch today, but hadn't previously eaten at Bouchonne or La Montee, so I cannot comment on how it compares to the prior incarnations. I was very happy with my lunch though! Minestrone with tender mussels and an arugula pistou and bavette du boeuf with shoestring potatoes and a rich demi-glace for $18. I'll definitely pop in again when I'm in the neighborhood.

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    1. Went there yesterday for a quick dinner.

      Menu is small, wine list is _very_ interesting; staff very friendly.

      Started with a glass of Cremant de Bourgogne and a couple of snail "fritters" and some "Saumon Mariné" (which was one of the best thing of the old Bouchonné (imo)).

      Then, with a glass of rosé, a couple of pan-fried scallops in a cold Gazpacho; very refreshing.

      To finish, Porcelet (the kind with the crispy skin) with some mushrooms and a purée of (I think) artichoke; with a glass of Savoie Mondeuse.

      IMO, Very good food.

      I went a lot to the original Bouchonné location, and a couple of time to their newer location, but the format did not really catch up with what, I think they wanted to do; I only went to "La Montée" (downtown) once for lunch and was not whelmed (over or under); I thought they tried to be fancier than they really were.

      I think now, "La Montée de Lait" found a format where they can be successful, we all hope!

      Will go back.

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        Wow. I would kill for that exact meal right now...