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May 9, 2010 05:02 PM

Anyone know anything about Balkanika coming soon on 9th Ave in HK?

Does anyone know the scoop on the fascinating new place called Balkanika on 9th Ave in the 40s? I am guessing/hoping that this will be an exciting Balkan food space but can't seem to find any info online...

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  1. It's now open. It seems to be a combination market/ small plates restaurant. Went in today and they have a lot of bulk grains/beans/spices which is fantastic. They have a few fruits/vegetables which seem a bit out of place, then they have food either to go or for there. I did try a rugelach which was much better than most of the others I've tried around here. The crust could have used a little more flakiness, but the filling was fantastic-lots of fruit and nuts that tasted as if they had been stewed together a bit. Now if only they were a bit less expensive...
    In all, a fun addition to an already-diverse neighborhood.

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      Yes, I stopped by there today as well. The prepared food looked suprisingly like the food counter at Kashkaval and with some help from google I found that these two places do have the same owner:
      "BALKANIKA Pando Andonopulo, an owner of the market-restaurant Kashkaval, is serving food from the Balkans, including Greece and Bulgaria, with a market in front for meze, salads, and groceries. (Opening May 28): 691 Ninth Avenue (48th Street)"
      Seems like there is a much bigger seating are in the back and a few interesting items not sold at Kashkaval (e.g. pickled apples, pickled red cabbage in big glass jars). Will definitely try the apples next time, they are hard to get right, even the folks on Brighton Beach struggle so let's see what Balkanika can offer.

      856 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

    2. I noticed Balkanika recently, looks appetizing. I've walked by it a couple of times, but (as is too often the case) was already on my way someplace else.

      Do they not have a website? I tried looking it up for the menu but I couldn't find anything. There aren't any reviews out there that talk about the food either. I could only find this super short one (, and of course, this thread.

      Maybe next time I'll ask for a take out menu (if they have one). I like to take my time with them, but when I'm out with people I never want to hold up the group... so reading menus ahead of time has become a really entrenched habit for me.

      691 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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      1. I stumbled in here accidentally for take out lunch today and I am very impressed. They had about 15 vegetable dips or so in the display case. I got a big dollop of the beet, the celery root, the leek and the paprika/walnut, together with a few pitas and it was less than $6. The dips were fresh and absolutely bursting with flavor. I didn't pay too much attention, but there were many other interesting things in the display case and on the menu, meats too, and the back of the place had a lot of wood panelling and wines to taste. I am definitely going back.

        691 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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          1. We stopped in on Sunday after lunch at Pam's Encore and everything looked very appealing - the wine bar in the back very cosy - and the salads and boerek smelled fantastic. On the must-go list for us.