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May 9, 2010 04:56 PM

Chinese chives

Bought a bunch for the first time today and would like some recipes to use up what is a considerable amount.

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  1. Gyoza, miso soup, pancakes (Chinese or Korean style), kimchi, scrambled eggs are a few things to start with. They are called nira in Japanese. You could trying googling for more recipes.

    1. Try Chinese chive dumplings. They look like these dumplings from a Thai food website:

      The tough part is not the ingredient, or the cooking or the timing, but the kneading. You need to kneading the little buns/dumplings and that may not be easy for first timers.

      For something more straightforword, just try to stir fry the chives with pork.

      1. The terminology on these varies a lot, but assuming you are referring to the plant with the long, tapering, flat strap-type leaves and an occasional tubular stalk tipped by a whitish bud, you can used them as an equivalent to scallions. Around here they are more often called garlic chives. I buy them when I see them, and use them in tossed salads in place of onion/scallion. I sautee them as a topping for burgers and as an omelet ingredient. I also made pesto with them, using less garlic, when I ran out of basil but still had pine nuts, oil, and cheese. I put them in chili and tomato sauce. Mixed them with teriyaki sauce and shredded carrots to top fish filetsw before baking. In a plastic bag, they keep in the crisper drawer of the fridge for longer than scallions do.

        1. Garlic chives love pork, weather in meatballs or in dumplings and wontons. They marry well with scrambled eggs. They are indispensable in pad thai. On their own, they can be folded into batter to make garlic chive pancakes or stir fried. You can use them anywhere you would use ramps --- perhaps if you have a surfeit, Chinese chive pesto is in order.

          1. Dice and use as garnish for things like tuna salad, chicken salad, ham salad, as well as things like chicken soup and tomato soup.

            Also, if you are making a savory oatmeal, they also serve well as a garnish on oatmeal..