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Sweet Rose Creamery - a mother's delight

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We drove Mom around today taking in the beautiful weather and as we headed up 26th Street in Santa Monica we noticed the line out the door at Sweet Rose Creamery, the newest creation of Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan of Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry fame. The sign said they were opening this Wednesday, May 12, but were generously handing out samples nonetheless. If the people watching and the caramel ice cream with sea salt , chocolate fudge and fresh whipped cream are any indication, that line isn't going away anytime soon.

Sweet Rose Creamery
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street, Ste 51
Santa Monica 90402

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  1. wow, that is fantastic news! thanks for the heads up.

    1. They aren't open until the 12th. Just tried to go there with my kids and was told not until the 12th.

      1. The flavors we tried today (chocolate malt, banana, vanilla) were average at best and way overpriced for the tiny scoop size. The banana had ice crystals in it also... The pricing may fly for the area, time will tell.

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          A followup, For $16 we received 5 scoops of IC and a small bottle of water. The scoop sizes were about a third of the size one would receive at Fosselmans.

          1. re: darrenk

            I was there yesterday as well and was truly disappointed in the banana and the malted chocolate...... The topping of homemade marshmallows was crazy small as well.
            I have always loved the Chocolate Malted Crunch from Thrifty/Rite Aid and honestly preferred it to this version!

          2. We went tonight and there was a line out the door. They were out of the Salted Carmel so we had the mint chip which was wonderful. You can really taste that fresh mint explode in your mouth.

            1. Seriously disappointed with this place. Ice crystals in the Ice Cream, tasted like ice milk. Grainy sugar cones. Expensive. Small portions. Their Ice Cream is really sub par. Cold Stone and many others are so much better!

              Cold Stone
              2112 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

              1. Just went and loved it. Ranks up there with any ice cream I've ever had--and no hormones!

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                  I love this ice cream. I brought home 2 scoops: one banana and one chocolate malt hazelnut. It was a dynamite combo. Also recently tried the salted caramel. Folks...there was no trace of ice crystals. This is ice cream that compares favorably with the best I have had anywhere. Don't let the naysayers discourage you from this yummy treat. Good quality is not cheap. I find it so amusing that someone on this board found Coldstone to be superior. (rolleyes icon, please).

                  1. re: maudies5

                    they must've heard the critics over the scoop sizes because they were huge!

                    We went last Thursday night, husband and two girls, around 8:30pm(love the late hours)

                    Girls had single scoop of chocolate with brownie chunks. Good rich cocoa flavor and the brownies were plentiful and tasty.

                    Farmer's Market summer melon. OMG. So refreshing, the melon is present but not overly sweet. Just the perfect ripeness in ice cream form.

                    Chocolate Malt Hazelnut with marshmellow. Delicious. Reminds me of a Ferrero Rocher.
                    The marshmellows were awesome.

                    I had a waffle cone(vanilla, crispy, sweet, holds up the whole time and is delicious) with banana and salted caramel.
                    Huge thing, takes awhile to get through but i managed :)
                    The caramel is very salty, reminds me of a dark toffee. Creamy, smooth, loved it.
                    The banana was a highlight. So good, tastes of the perfectly ripe banana, not too sweet.
                    Ice cream for grown ups. That the kids loved it is a bonus.

                    Sure it's not cheap, but as a treat every now and then, it is well worth it. No wait at all at night it seems.
                    Will be going back for sure!!

                    1. re: maudies5

                      Did either of you recall seeing the coconut lime sorbet? If that combination sounds good to you, please try it. The coconut-part makes the sorbet more like an ice cream. I think they're using coconut milk, or maybe even some coconut cream. And the lime really brightens the coconut flavor as well.

                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        Lime Coconut was there, even though i love coconut, i cannot abide lime, so it was a no-no for me.

                        1. re: GenevieveCa

                          I'm sensing a song (and a folktale stomach ache remedy) that you probably don't have much use for... ;-D>

                        2. re: bulavinaka

                          I tried this the other day along with a scoop of the peanut butter ice cream with bits of homemade brownie and both were heavenly. I'm not even an ice cream lover, but I'm still dreaming about it...

                          1. re: mollyomormon

                            Just because I was in the area, I thought I would just" sample" a little of the peanut butter/brownie. OMG. Bought a pint. :)

                            1. re: mollyomormon

                              Hi mollyo, glad you enjoyed it. I swear that when I first tasted this, I felt like I was somewhere in SE Asia, maybe on a beach in Langkawi or in Thailand. Really good stuff in my book.

                              1. re: bulavinaka

                                The gingerbread ice cream sandwich with ginger ice cream may be the most delicious thing in the history of the world. I'm convinced it is made with fresh ginger.

                      2. Dropped by today and sampled the Velvet Merlin Stout ice cream (beer from Firestone). If you're a fan of stout floats, this is legit ice cream that has a nice but balanced stout flavor to it. The nice guy behind the counter paired this with the salted caramel with almond toffee - huge scoops - and I was set with my caloric intake for lunch. Also picked up a pint of the coconut lime sorbet (again) so I could close my eyes, spoon in a mouthful and imagine that I'm somewhere in Thailand...

                        1. They seem to have the Midas Touch.