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May 9, 2010 04:09 PM

Breakfast in Paris

I will be staying in the 7th Arr. and each day heading out to a different part of Paris. I do not want to breafast in the hotel as I love small cafes and patisseries. I won't want to walk too far before sitting down to eat, but don't mind a bit of a stroll. I am staying on Rue de la Motte-Picquet.

I was planning to stroll down the Rue Cler one day, any suggestions for a place there?

Also, anything near or on the way to Jardin du Luxembourg? Or perhaps near Les Invalides?

And last anything heading in the oppoiste direction toward the Bois de Boulogne?


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  1. For breakfast in the Rue Cler I like Aux P.T.T. Have also tried Café du Marché and Le Petit Cler but didn't like them as much.

    1. Very close by is the excellent Patisserie Jean Millet on St. Dominique at the junction of rue Malar. They have a few tables in the back and good coffee, hot chocolate, etc. to go with your selection of pastries.

      1. Pain d'épis is around the corner from Cantin the cheese shop (rue du Champ-de-Mars @Bosquet). My favorite at Grégory Renard, at the end of rue Saint Dominique. Boulangerie Julien, on rue Saint Dominique, is worth a visit. So is of course Prosecco in the old Poujauran shop on rue Jean Nicot.

        Of course you must stop at a few places on your way to Panthéon, such as La Patisserie des Reves on rue du Bac, and also on rue du Bac, that other bakery north of Saint Germain, quite excellent. Of course, by Luxembourg, Christian Constant is an absolute must, especially for chocolate and icecream. While you're in the neighborhood, Pierre Hermé on rue Bonaparte is worth considering, especially for his viennese pastry.

        Heading towards Bois de Boulogne, I'm less sure -- a lot depends on your itinerary. One place I wouldn't miss is e.Mayeur at 100, rue du théatre, who makes the best sourdough bread on earth. It could be construed as on your way to Bois de Boulogne is you're going south. A lot depends on where your hotel is, as the 7th is pretty vast. Strangely enough, I'm not aware of really worthwhile bakeries/pastries in the 16th (which is between 7th and Bois).