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May 9, 2010 03:46 PM

Alternatives to Southern Soul BBQ

I'm going on a trip down the GA coast later in the month and I was planning on going to Southern Soul BBQ. I heard about the fire they had, and I doubt they will have rebuilt by the time I'm down there. What are some good alternatives to Southern Soul BBQ in the Brunswick - St. Simons Island area that represent the style of BBQ from that part of GA? (I believe that includes Brunswick stew.)


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  1. These restaurants have been mentioned on Chowhound and seem to be highly rated. You can research them on Chowhound.

    Sonny's is on I 95. Southern Soul was the best. Try GA Pig.

    Allen's BBQ @ 7144 New Jesup Hwy., Brunswick, GA. 912 - 264 - 6346. *

    Allen's BBQ @ 3350 Cypress Mill Rd., Brunswick, GA. 912 - 262 - 9699. *

    GA Pig @ 2712 U. S. Hwy. 17 S., Brunswick, GA. 912 - 264 - 6664. *

    Gary Lee's Market @ 3636 U. S. Hwy. 82, Brunswick, GA. 912 - 265 - 1925. *

    Shane's Rib Shack @ 315 Village @ Glynn Place, Brunswick, GA. 912 - 264 - 4227. *

    Sonny's Real Pit BBQ @ 5328 New Jesup Highway, Brunswick, GA 912 - 264 - 9184. *

    Twin Oaks BBQ @ 2618 Norwich St., Brunswick, GA. 912 - 265 - 3131. *

    Good luck.

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      Souther Soul is serving a limited menu every day until 6 at the concession stand at the old coast guard station by East Beach. Twin Oaks is my 2nd choice, cross 17 at the end of the causeway left on L @ Oyster shack, right on Norwich. Southern Soul should have their summer menu on their website, they said they will be doing a different special each day along with the pulled pork, smoked chicken salad & wainwright's sausage dogs, my personal favorite.

      1. re: Littleman

        This list is great. Thanks. Twin Oaks BBQ looks to be what I'm looking for. How is the Brunswick stew there? One review I read said that Twin Oaks was in a "bad area". Is that correct?

        1. re: EdgeCityDweller

          Twin Oaks is in a sketchy area, but there is sufficent traffic and the lunch crowd I would not worry going at lunch time.

          Twin Oaks Cafe
          24 US Highway 221, Sparta, NC 28675

        2. re: Littleman

          What about Mack's? There isn't too much here on chow about that place.

          1. re: EdgeCityDweller

            I went there once and was treated very poorly. Never again.

            1. re: EdgeCityDweller

              Macks has a new owner, the cue is good, the stew was poor last week.

              1. re: beteez

                Here is a copy of Southern Soul's temporary menu

                1. re: beteez

                  I ate at Southern Soul today. The BBQ today was some of the best BBQ I have ever had -- anywhere! These guys have it down.

                  Twin Oaks would be second for me. They are only upon Mon-Fri for lunch, I think. As long as you stay on Gloucester-->Norwich Street, you'll be just fine.

                  Mack's has a new owner. It was good two weeks ago and terrible last week. Totally inconsistent.

                  Twin Oaks Cafe
                  24 US Highway 221, Sparta, NC 28675

                  1. re: 4ralphwiggum

                    Southern Soul will now be serving lunch m-f @ Ziggy Mahoney's.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I used to eat at Twin Oaks some years back whenever I was in town, but having eaten at Southern Soul, there's just no reason to go anywhere else for 'que in the Brunswick area. I'm sure they welcome any and all business that will allow them to get back open in their permanent location. Go help 'em out and have a fantastic meal.