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May 9, 2010 02:44 PM

Off to Spain on May 22 - any recommendations for Estepona, Malaga, Ronda, Granada?

We're going to the Costa del Sol the last week in May, staying in Estepona. We plan to make day trips to Ronda, Malaga and Granada and would love any recommendations for non-touristy restaurants.


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  1. In Malaga (a greatly underrated town, IMO) just walk around the old town, pick a bustling sidewalk cafe on one of the side streets, order a cold San Miguel and enjoy the mariscos. You can't go wrong. We've eaten at about 5 such places and they are all good. The specialties of the casa may vary, but calamaritos and boquerones (fried anchovies) are staples at pretty much all. The seafood in Malaga (and Andalucia in general) can't be beat.

    1. Estepona is by far the best place to stay along the Costa, IMO. It is the most Spnaish town along there (although you wouldnt know this if you went to the part around the marina). Bear in mind that the coastal area is very popular - it's one of the mostg favoured destinations for we north Europeans - so searching out "non-touristy" restaurants might be abit of a trial. We had a fortnight there about three years back and, unfortunately, I can't recall the names of restaurants (and we didnt have a bad meal the whole stay). However, head for the main plaza. Several restaurants there and in the surrounding alleyways. Some good - look for the ones that start to fill up with locals about 10pm. There was a particularly good fish place - enter the square from the sea side and walk directly through it (the cultural centre will have been in the far right corner). Go up a short alley and the place is facing you. Very simple food - mainly fired fish but spankingly fresh and absolutely delicious.

      On the main bypass road at Km 151 is La Menorah which is reasonably upmarket and specialises in Basque food. This was a favourite, not least as it was only 5 minutes walk from the house we'd rented.

      There's a number of South American places - or at least places purporting to serve Argentian beef. One we visited (and had a good steak) was "Sur" on Plaza Ortiz.

      Also around the town centre are a number of tapas places - some touristy, of course, others less so - you'll easily spot which is which.

      You'll want to check out the village of Benahavis, a few Km to the east. It likes to think of itself as the gastro-centre of the Costa - with some justification.