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May 9, 2010 02:19 PM

Brunch in the Marais

I have heard that Sunday brunch in the Marais is great, but I don't know of any restaurants there. Can anyone advise for a great Sunday brunch? Preferably French and non other ethnic cuisine.

Price Range: Prefer Moderate

Ambiance: Open (possibly outdoor dining, but not required)


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  1. What do you mean by brunch? It isn't really a French tradition.

    Lots of Cafes and Bars in the Marais that have nice terraces where you can breakfast or lunch, but none with large brunch buffets in the US style.

    1. I agree with Phil. The French don't do brunch; rather they do something that they think is American, which they call brunch. Nearly every café in the Marais does it, with varying degrees of forgettability.

      1. As others have said, there's no "brunch" in France. But you did say "French cuisine" so perhaps you were just referring to the time of day on Sunday?

        One of my favorite places for a light meal in the Marais is the Cafe du Trésor, remodeled a couple of years ago, and the dead end street that it is on was also renovated! It's now a serene place, relatively quiet because there are no cars on Rue Trésor, and the small menu is really good for lunch. A plethora of outdoor tables.

        It's on the corner of Rue Vielle du Temple & Rue Trésor.

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          Yes, I should not have used the word brunch, but rather indicated that I was looking for a place for either breakfast or lunch in the Marais. This sounds interesting, I'll definitely look into it.

          Thank you

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            There are loads of Sunday (and now Saturday) brunch places - especially in the Marais and also around Montmartre and the 9th. Prices seem generally to hover around the 20 euro mark for a wide variety of offerings in terms of substance, quality and quantity. From walking past, Cafe Charlot on the corner of rue Bretagne and rue Charlot in the Marais seems exceedingly popular for brunch. I've had an enormous and pretty good brunch (pastries, tartines, eggs benedict, pain perdu, fresh squeezed juice, endless coffee) at Cafe Rouge on rue de picardie in the 3rd. Another cheap casual option is the Enfants Rouges market 39 rue de Bretagne, which has a variety of food stalls, mostly serving up 'ethnic' stuff: moroccan, japanese, asian, lebanese.. etc and a place that does veggy gallettes.