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May 9, 2010 02:02 PM

Asian Food Markets? along Shoreline CT (Old Saybrook/New London area)

Ok - so I need to get to a market that sells Asian food items - hopefully incl fresh items like Thai basil? Hopefully one of you CH's will know of one along the shoreline - if not willing to go as far as Middletown or over to New Haven.......thanks!..

.have to pick up items for recipe for an Asian inspired Fri nite ladies food fest - -so I need to locate it quick !

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  1. Bump...what no ideas for me ...I have 24 hours left

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      I believe there's an asian market called Lee's Oriental on Williams St. in New London, there's also one on Franklin St. in Westerly. Hope that helps, your food fest sounds fun!

      1. re: coastalgypsy

        Great! One in New London - will be out that way tomorrow as it happens!

        thanks so very much !!!!!

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          Thanks gypsy,,,,I swung over to Lees Oriental - owner was very friendly and helpful,,,,,had most of what I was a bit sad though.....a few things he did not have, said economy does not let him carry everything he once did......nice guy - - hope he can hang in there till things turn around.....

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            Glad you got what you needed (well, most of what you needed!)

      2. Have not been to Lee's but will try it out since it is marginally closer to me than the excellent Korean market "New Asia Market" at 646 Long Hill Rd in Groton, CT.

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          I like the "New Asia market" as well.
          In the next shopping plaza (in front of benny's) is an excellent Indian market.
          It is called Raj cash and carry . It is at 764 Long Hill Road, Groton

        2. Lee's in New London is tiny- no fresh produce and lots of noodles, sauces, some frozen stuff. I think Norwich is your best bet, a number of Asian grocery stores. My favorite is Panda on Franklin St. it has lots of produce, fish, meat and tons of dried goods.
          Can't find lime leaves anywhere though if anyone has a suggestion..

          1. There is a good Asian market in Westerly right near the restaurant Guytanno's. They get fresh produce every Thursday. I always go there for my bok choy.