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May 9, 2010 01:40 PM

Portuguese Wine Merchants in Ironbound?

I will be making a trip to the Ironbound neighborhood this week with the goal of picking up some Portuguese wine (Douro and Dao reds - not Port). Are there specific wine shops that might be recommended?

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  1. Google the addresses: Lisbon Wines (Ferry St. - my favorite all around), Olshin's Pharmacy (Lafayette St. Yes it is a pharmacy, but check out the wines!), Ferry Wines (confusingly on Adams St. - good selection, high prices) and Oporto Wines (back to Ferry St. Lots of Ports, dubious storage, IMO). These are about the four best and are within a short walk of one another.

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      Thanks, jmoryl. I visited Lisbon Wines and Ferry Wines and both had good selections without too much overlap. Lisbon was spiffier and more businesslike, Ferry darker and dustier, but friendlier, and with slightly higher prices. Both offered 10% case discounts. Ferry has off-street parking. Parking near Lisbon was a challenge. This was a weekday, mid-afternoon.
      Will try the other two on the next journey.

      1. re: MercerChow

        Two other places you might have a look around: Seabra's supermarket on Wilson St. (not the other locations) has a wine/liquor dept. with some interesting things. It appears they also operate the liquor store on 276 Chestnut (called something like LBV), which has a somewhat different inventory yet again. Both have parking if that is an issue.