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May 9, 2010 12:52 PM

Tavern Restaurant at Highlands Country Club in Garrison?

has anyone been to this place? A friend of mine showed me a video clip of the chef and it looks fantastic but before I drive up there I want to know more...

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  1. Not sure what chef is in the video clip but if it's Eric Gabrynowicz then he has left. Not saying it's not still worth a try. Here is the article about Gabrynowicz (look under April 27th)

    1. I have been a huge fan of Tavern, but like GIO said, I can't vouch for it now that the chef has left. Post back if you try!

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        Thanks for heads up and the link to the blog article. I will report back.

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          We've had two lovely meals here (last summer and the prior summer) but don' t know who the chef was at that time. Was worth a drive (albeit only from Ossining...) and was grand for an informal birthday with friends.

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            I just spoke to someone there...It seems that Chef Eric is still there for the time being and helping to find a replacement. They said he will be there until the 23rd of this month. It is definately worth the drive up...the place is great and I cant imagine Tavern brass not shooting for a great chef to replace Chef Eric. HIs new place is set to open the first week in June in Armonk...Called Restaurant North

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              Might have to get up there before the 23rd for lunch. I really love how laid back it is. Sounds like the place in Armonk is going to be fancier.

      2. I just had a fantastic dinner at Tavern, the first time we've been there (for dinner-- went once a couple of months ago for burgers at lunch, which were great) since it changed chefs. I'm really thrilled to share that the food is JUST as great as when Eric Gabrynowicz was there, and I was a huge fan of his there. First of all, it was completely empty, and the waiter hung out in the kitchen with the staff for most of the time, just seeming to materialize when we needed something, so with the dim lighting, candles, and fireplace, it was really romantic! So relaxing and nice... though I do hope they are not hurting this winter with the horrible weather and their sort of out of the way location.

        The food was excellent. They have reasonable wine by the glass and beer. We shared a cheese plate with two local cheeses (one was a Camembert which I've sampled at the Briarcliff farm market from the cheese vendor that replaced Bobolink (tear) and the other was a fabulous funky goat cheese) and prosciutto that came with warm raisin bread and pickled vegetables. They also served warm cornbread with butter and a mason jar full of popcorn, which we thought was adorable.

        For entrees, I had beef stew, which was hearty and flavorful without being overly rich, served with mashed potatoes and mushrooms. My husband had braised pork belly with polenta, kale, and a poached egg. Mine was great, but his was stupendous. Crispy skinned pork, creamy polenta, mixed with the slight bite of the kale and the rich egg yolk, wow.

        We had great cappuccino and hot cocoa with dessert, which was pumpkin bread pudding, nicely textured with cinnamon whipped cream on the side and caramel lattice candy adorning it. We will definitely be back. This place hits all the marks for me. Great atmosphere, emphasis on local products, wonderful service, reasonably priced.

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          We are going tonight how should we dress???

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            It's casual. I've always worn jeans. I went to their sister restaurant, Valley, last night and was a little surprised at how formal it was-- I had on dressy jeans with boots and felt a little underdressed. Most men there had on suit jackets. Point is, Tavern is definitely more my style! Food and atmosphere are more laidback. Enjoy!!

            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              Thank you exactly the info I was looking for. I knew Valley was formal but had no idea what would be appropriate for Tavern. We are going on your rec and are looking forward to it.

        2. Our dinner at Tavern last night was very good. Ice cream, I ordered the pork belly with polenta braised kale and a poached egg. Honestly the polenta egg and kale together was so good that for me the dish did not need the pork belly. I had the goat cheese panna cotta with honey, rosemary salt, and pistachio tuile and that was excellent too. My mother in law couldn't get over how good the the chicken liver mousse was I ordered it too and thought it was wonderful.

          The only disappointment was learning when we arrived that only the Hudson Valley Restaurant week menu was being offered had I known this we would have picked another time to have had dinner there.

          My husband wanted to order an additional appetizer and Jason the manager said that he would ask the chef if that would be okay????? He came back a few minutes later to let us know that "chef said it was okay". I found this to be a tad pretentious but got over it. Tavern is really a unique little place with great food.
          I am posting a few photos: apple soup, pork belly, scallops

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            I'm glad you enjoyed the food! Interesting that they only offered the RW menu. Valley is the same... I guess Valley opens specially for RW so they don't want to be bothered with the complete menu. I wish that restaurants were able to note on the HVRW website if they will be offering only the RW menu, because I'm sure that matters to a lot of people. Were they crowded? I wonder if the extra appetizer thing had to do with volume in the kitchen?... only because they usually seem to be very accommodating. I gotta get back there and try that goat cheese panna cotta. Many happy returns!!

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              The restaurant was quiet with more empty than occupied tables. BTW our server was adorable and for the most part efficient but physically appeared to be about 12. Also Jason was extremely hands on in the dining room is this typical?

              1. re: chowdom

                I bet we had the same server. He was young but very sweet. I think Jason took our reservation and brought out one of our courses.... not sure if that's typical.