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May 9, 2010 12:47 PM

Kyoto Station Dinner Rec?


I will be in Kyoto later this month for 3 nights.
The first night, we would like to eat somewhere in the Kyoto Station/Isetan complex.
We're staying at the Granvia.

Night #2 will be at Misoguigawa
Night #3 will be at Kitcho Arashiyama

So far I like the looks of:
Wakuden (kyoto station branch),
Ukihashi (at the Granvia),
maybe Shiokoji Rakusui (also at the Granvia).

Does anybody have any experience with these, or other recommendations?



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  1. There's got to be over 100 places to eat inside the Kyoto station building complex. I've had great takoyaki, croissants, sorbet, ramen, etc, all inside the station.

    I really like Ramen-Koji, which is an arcade/collection of half-dozen or so ramen shops representing different regions of Japan. It's up many floors on the escalator that goes up from the concourse.

    Also I enjoyed Harvest, which is actually a buffet featuring what the Japanese call "shizenshoku." Shizenshoku has become somewhat popular in Japan, and it literally translates as natural food although it's not quite organic necessarily. They have a lot of vegetable-based food items, lot of them prepared in washoku style, although they also have some meat/fish items, some Western-style items... hard to describe, but it's supposed to be healthy food served buffet-style. Harvest is actually a part of chain. It's located in the basement shopping arcade area called Porta below the north side of the station.

    I'm sure there are more gourmet type restaurants inside the station that are very good, but I can't help with those high-end restaurants. When I'm in Japan, most of my visits are to cheaper places.

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      Following up on chowmouse's post, the ramen arcade is basically the only place other than Mister Donut that I ever end up eating at in Kyoto Station. TETSU, a tsukemen shop popular in Tokyo, has a branch there and is the last thing I tried. It was fantastic, and watching the hot stone they drop in your broth bubble up was a rather interesting experience.