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May 9, 2010 11:55 AM

Paris in Early June

We have six diners and so far four reservations, Le Comptoir, Chez L'Ami Jean, Chez Georges( Rue du Mail) and La Regalade.

We need two more suggestions - Thinking of Le Voltaire or its cafe and La Cagouille for Sunday.

Would like to consider more traditional bistos or brasseries..Any other suggestions particularly fish in the same price categories.

Much appreciate all the information gleaned so far.

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  1. Your four reservations are a restaurant that used to be good (Georges) and three Camdeborde/Constant restaurants. All three of them excellent but very much alike -- which I recently decided to name "discount fine dining".

    Not sure why you'd be looking for an alternative to Cagouille. L'Uitr is their second address. Le 21, Le Duc are always great, not cheap.

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    1. re: souphie

      I realize that the three mentioned are much alike. Hoping that we can get three somewhat different dining experiences. As regards George, do you suggest making a change? It will be our first night after an overnight flight.. We have been there but ten years ago and was hoping not much has changed.

      1. re: nanapop

        If your pointis that it's close to your place, I would prefer the nearby Chez Denise. Macéo, Willy's Wine Bar, Au Gourmand could do too. Chez Georges le jeu du mail was indeed awesome ten years ago. Not muc has changed, save the quality.

        If you want a change from bistronomiques/discount fine dining, you could look for traditional places like Denise, Chez Georges Porte Maillot, Le Quincy, Joséphine, etc. Or for more innovative places like Chteaubriand, Bistral, Pré Verre, Avant-Gout or ZKG. Or for wine oriented places like Fish, Les Papilles, Villaret, Caves Petrissans... There are original places like Pétrelle too.

        1. re: souphie

          Over the years i have benfitted much from Chowhound but never "joined or posted",This being our first trip to Paris in about 10 years, I thought I would give it a chance. We are staying near the Odean Metro but travelling to a good restaurant is not a problem. Went to Regalade ten years ago from same general area and we are urban New Yorkers who can get around a city. Agree Chez Georges Rue du Mail probably had it ten years ago. i think we should stay with the "discount fine dining three" because they are very tough reservations and it always makes good conversation back in NY. From your list any avaliable on Sunday? And any of them particularly good for seafood? Many thanks..

          1. re: nanapop

            Chez Georges porte Maillot, Fish, Auberge Bressane, Rotisserie du Beaujolais are open on sundays. Drouant, Réminet, Fontaine de Mars.

            1. re: nanapop

              would u be kind enough to say how you got the reservations so far in advance (esp L'ami Jean)? Or maybe u are within a 30 day booking period?

      2. For excellent fish in a pretty brasserie type setting try Les Debats on Place Victor Hugo.
        It also has the John Talbott seal of approval.

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        1. re: Laidback

          "Les Debats on Place Victor Hugo. It also has the John Talbott seal of approval"
          Oh my gosh, do I get royalties?
          Yes I like it and Colette and my two buddies from up the Mont too.
          It has replaced all the old fish places I used to hang out in. I think it's fine fish at reasonable prices in a cool setting in a classy nabe.

        2. Anyone have thoughts on La Table Lauriston?

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          1. re: nanapop

            Yup, I liked it, esp the giant baba au rhum.

            1. re: John Talbott

              Thanks. Thinking of chaging Chez Georges to Lauriston. really couln't find any Chowhound postings. Perhaps Souphie could chime in?

              1. re: nanapop

                While we wait for soup to return from the Ascension Day/Weekend here was my first take on it in 2004:
                Lauriston, 129, rue Lauriston in the deepest 16th, is one of those places that has recently been written up by everyone and very well. I decided to see what was up, despite its à la carte prices, which exceed my budget, by trying the 25 Euro menu. I had my hesitations, the resto the chef, Serge Barbey, came from, Le Soleil in St Ouen, had given me mixed experiences but he was not the sole chef there. Well, the critics were all right, darn it; it’s bright, new but classical cooking. On the menu, starters included sardines (which I had) and a spinach salad with cheese shards, mains were red tuna and an unusual cassolette prepared with lentils (delicious). Other starters ran from langoustines to foie gras from 10-20 Euros and other mains ranged from biche to St Pierre running from 20-30 Euros and desserts were 7.5-10 Euros; I had the “giant” Baba and it was enormous. They had 46 ml of wine “pots” for 13 Euros, so one is able to get out with wine and coffee for just under 50 Euros. This is a definite repeat and not just because the chef is charming and has a good sense of humor – he turns out very fine food, all alone in the kitchen, save one jack-of-all-trades helper, in a typical, tiny space, but he supplies the 28 covers promptly. This stop in the 16th won’t last long before he’s lured downtown. The only downside; no ventilation.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Souphie have a chance to add a current thought in regard to La Table Lauriston?

                  1. re: nanapop

                    I agree with John, La Table Lauriston is pretty good. Like many restaurants in rue Lauriston, it's good, but not cheap (Tampopo, Lac Hong, Conti jump to mind). Still, it's a good food street.

                    1. re: souphie

                      Many thanks. One last question. Lauriston or La Fontaine de Mars?First dinner after an overnight flight.

                      1. re: nanapop

                        I prefer Lauriston but I suspect I'm in the minority.

                        1. re: nanapop

                          Well, which one is closer to your place? I would prefer La Fontaine, because of its lovely terrace, generous food, and better ventilation. But you know me: I like lots of food easy to understand and very well made and sourced. La Fontaine is not a place for creativity or small portions.

                          1. re: souphie

                            We are near Odean. Think will go with La Fontaine because the better half is somewhat less adventurous and then may change Le Voltaire on our final night to Lauriston. In between then it would be L'Ami Jean, Comptoir, Cagouille, and Regalade. How does that sound?

                            1. re: nanapop

                              Sounds OK, but let me express reservations about La Cagouille that I think my pal Joey will disagree with. Their mussels to burn your fingers and clams in heart-stopping cream are great but then..............what?
                              For fish I'd do Les Debats, but it sounds like your other has problems with the 16th? So do I, but i don't have to live there.

                              1. re: John Talbott

                                Not travel prolems but she's not a great foie gras or innards lover. Ten years ago we went to La Regalade by Metro- no problem.. Reservation fot La Cagouille is for a Sunday. Will check to see if Le Debats is open or maybe I'll splurge and do Le Dome. Guess really concerned with Le Voltaire for our sixth and last night. Haven't been there for 15 years and it was kind of old and stuffy then. Think we have the "discount fine dining" area well covered.

                                1. re: John Talbott

                                  John, it would take me all day to tell you what else besides the Brule Doigts! I would have to see the menu for the day to make my recs. I love La Cagouille. ;)

                                  1. re: ChefJune

                                    OK, so next time you're here, we'll face off at a new place and see if tastes align.

              2. Le Voltaire would be a quite different experience from the bistros you have chosen; more tradtional French dishes and more main-stream. Works for me, tho not for most of the active posters on this board.

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                1. re: Oakglen

                  Lobrano's book has an entry on Voltaire. Went there 1.3 years ago. It is a restaurant, not a bistro at least in its main rooms. It has classics. It's good, and under 3rd gen ownership IIRC. If you are looking for traditional food, consider Voltaire. If you want art deco, etc. atmo, go elsewhere. What does tradition mean to you?

                2. Not sure why this post was revived, but it shows an interesting lesson. Here a new poster asked the French board for advice and got it in spades. No time was wasted to give the OP the advice they needed. Hopefully they had a great time. Did they report back, no, a comment good or bad, no. To me this is just rude. The more people putting their 2 cents in the better. It is indeed rude to cherry pick then run and never be heard from again.

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                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                    See this long thread/
                    Long it is. Does it include the OP reporting back anywhere? No. What happened? Wass Spybarnes rejected? Or is he too busy because he and his bride are having their 1st baby?
                    Like everyone else who was eager to help, ChefJune even said she was holding her breath. Hope she has resumed breathing since.
                    This lack of reporting back is demoralizing. It is vital for the forum to have regular update of the resto scene, and for the regulars not to feel as though they were humanitarian volunteers of resto info.

                    1. re: Parigi

                      The lack of reporting back is demoralizing here, but it is much worse on the Italy board. Very few bother to reply. Rudeness? Possibly. Much of it is laziness... all take and no give. Sometimes I wonder why a few of us even bother. And just as on this blog, the same questions are asked over and over and over again. Again, people are too lazy to use the search function.

                      As Deluca said, a comment good or bad, is that too much to ask. Apparently it is for most people. Really sad.

                      1. re: allende

                        So true.
                        Btw, we - or most of us - don't consider ourselves to be biblical figures giving mankind the word. So it really is not about OPs reporting back to give thanks.
                        For me it is about updating our collective experience and sharing info. Turns out so many OPs do not share, unlike us.

                    2. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      So embarassed. Some excuses but none justify my apparent rudeness. One gets back from an overseas trip and I find as on gets older it takes more time to adjust. Will go home, check my notes and report back before this weeknd and thank you for your well deserved criticism.

                      1. re: nanapop

                        Much delayed and somewhat obscured by time.

                        Our first dinner after an overringht flight from New York was La Fontaine du Mars. The staff was very mindful of our jet lag. For example, suggested since I was having cassoulet that there was no need for a first course. Perfect dinner considering.

                        Second dinner was Le Comptoir at Relais St. Germain. We were staying there and since the weekend menus were not the then 50 euro prix fixe, they suggested we take a Friday night booking. In retrospect, I think we would have enjoyed the a la catre menu more. There was NO flexabilty. The squab on the menu was blood rare and not to our liking.

                        Third dinner was L'Ami Jean. Thought the menu was somewhat difficult for my wife and that the staff was not partticularly helpful in translation. Rice pudding extraordinary.

                        On Sunday, we had dinner at La Cagouille. wonderful dinner.

                        Monday at La Regalade. Had a reservation ae St. Honore but there was a mixup and had to taxi to the old place Had been there yesrs ago and nothing has changed. Great bistro dinner.

                        Finally, Chez Dumonet ( Josephine ). Was done at the last minute and our concierge was concerned that the table was in the back. We had a ball. Enjoyed that dinner the most.

                        Realize that our choices were mainly bistros but that's what we were looking for. No meal was more than $200 for two and most were closer to $150.

                        Would recommend them all.