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May 9, 2010 09:14 AM

REAL ramen Noodles?

My lovely husband is obsessed with Ramen/Oodles of Noodles. He could eat them every single day a couple of times a day if I let him. One pack alone contains 1720 mg of sodium and ingredients (chemicals) that disturb my spirit. I've been trying lately to replicate the Beef Ramen for a while now and honestly, I don't know where I'm going wrong? Should I use egg noodles, make it like a beef noodle soup? Soy sauce?

I feel stupid having to ask for help on something like this, but please, think of the children and help.

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  1. Most ramen noodle shops use chukamen, which are made with wheat flour, eggs and some type of special carbonated water.

    And, whatever type of ramen noodles you use you'd have to deep-fry them first, then probably need some combo of soy sauce and either miso paste and/or dashi for the broth.

    1. I would think just about all of the salt and chemicals are in the flavor pack, not the noodles. I've tried to reproduce ramen style dishes with egg noodles and they are not even close (check out the movie Tampopo if you want to see how complicated the traditional recipe is). I suggest you buy the ramen packs and throw away the salt and chemical laden flavoring. There must be some decent recipes on the web, but your biggest challenge will be making a good beef stock. Fortunately, you can make a gallon or two at a time, and freeze pint or smaller servings.

      In addition to soy sauce, ingredients you might try include miso (there are several kinds), fresh ginger, and kombu (dried kelp).

      The sad thing is, if what lovely husband really likes is the overwhelming saltiness of store bought ramen, you can't win.