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May 9, 2010 08:55 AM

Is Extraordinary Desserts worth it?

Four of us went to Extraordinary Desserts for an after theater bite. We ordered cupcakes and danish. All the food was tasteless, dry and very poor quality. Is this normal or were we just unlucky? With the prices they charge we expected much more.

Extraordinary Desserts
2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

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  1. I think you were unlucky. Dry, tasteless and very poor quality is are not usually descriptors associated with ED. How late were you there? If it was very close to the end of the night, i.e. right before closing, you might have gotten the last servings of something that had been sitting all day.

    In my experience ED is a little over priced and sometimes the service can be a bit on the snooty side, but the desserts have usually been pretty good, if not a little on the overly sweet side.

    1. While not without its flaws, Extraordinary Desserts is usually pretty reliable. I usually avoid the items you ordered. They are not the "headliners", if you know what I mean, and usually will sit longer. I like her cakes and specialty pastry items...these things are constantly being replaced fresh from the kitchen.

      Extraordinary Desserts
      2929 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

      1. I've never gotten the hype about this place.
        When I as a customer go in and I get treated like I'm the back of the house instead of the front of the house, there's a problem.

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        1. re: Beach Chick

          Agreed, Beach Chick. Rude service at the Little Italy location. Lackluster desserts that although aesthetically pleasing, don't seem appealing.
          For cupcakes I prefer Inlux and Babycakes.

          1. re: globocity

            I like babycakes too but the last time we were there, we got dry cupcakes (friday evening/night). me and the lady will be back as they are pretty cool there too, and we're always at my friends sushi shop down the street.

        2. Not everything at ED is done equally well, and some contend nothing is done well at all.

          Their small desserts (which you had) are easily the weakest of their offerings. Cookies, danish, scones, cupcakes, shortbread - all that stuff is poorly done there, IMO.

          Where they do best are with their cakes and their ice cream. Their ice cream is some seriously delicious stuff, especially if they have some of the more unusual flavors like sour cream or mascarpone cheese.

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          1. re: Josh

            Agreed on the ice cream. I had the best mango ice cream there!

            1. re: Josh

              I actually think the shortbread cookies are pretty good, and so are the lemon bars and brownies - the danish and breakfast style pastries are not good though, and I've never understood why. My favorite things there by far are the fruit tart & pavlova. Also like the ice creams. (I work right across the street from the L.I. location, so I pop in pretty often.)

              They also make a seriously KILLER hot chocolate. Had one a few weeks ago on a cold afternoon and it was to die for.

            2. I found the desserts look good but are disappointing in taste, but my experience is quite dated.