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May 9, 2010 08:29 AM

Brew Supply in the Bay Area

Hi Everyone,

Anyone have recommendations for brew supply in the Bay Area? Wanted to try my hand at homebrewing, so wanted a place with a good staff to get me started without selling me the store. Willing to drive to get good services.


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  1. San Francisco Brewcraft is very good.


    1555 Clement St. @ 17th Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    415-751-9338, 800-513-5196

    San Francisco Brewcraft
    1555 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA

    1. In the East Bay it's Oakbarrel.
      1443 San Pablo Avenue
      Berkeley, CA 94702
      510. 849. 0400

      1. Link. Despite the name the store has a full stock of brewing supplies.

        Oak Barrel Winecraft
        1443 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

        1. Both Oak Barrel and SF Brewcraft are excellent.
          The gold standard is Morebeer in Concord
          995 Detroit Ave. Suite. H Concord, CA 94518

          995 Detroit Ave, Concord, CA

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            Thanks! That is were I went. Stopped by SF Brewcraft but it wasn't my type of place. The guys at Morebeer were great, very nice place.

            995 Detroit Ave, Concord, CA

            1. re: Joel

              Yea, Oak Barrel isn't much to look at, but the supplies are great and so are the people there.